Presented to Coincide with the 2015-2016 Penn Humanities Forum on Sex, Exhibition Uses International Collection to Offer Broad Survey of Diverse Cultural Concepts PHILADELPHIA, PA October 2015—Sex, sexuality, and gender identity are perennial hot-button issues in the news. With today’s headlines trumpeting views about same-sex marriage and the sanctity of marriage, gender bender fashions, gender diversity in the workforce, and gender inequities in the boardrooms, are we living in age of revolutionary views on sex?

Ancient Treasures from the Republic of Turkey are Featured in The Golden Age of King Midas Exclusive World Premiere Exhibition Explores Famous Ruler and his Times, Opens February 13, 2016 at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA, PA September 2015— What was behind the legendary story of King Midas and his golden touch? That is the question that will be answered—not with chests full of gold, but with a spectacular array of specially-loaned ancient artifacts from the Republic of Turkey, keys to telling the true story of a very real, very powerful ruler of the Phrygian kingdom in what is now central Turkey. The Golden Age of King Midas , an exclusive, world premiere exhibition developed by the Penn Museum, 3260 South Street in Philadelphia, in partnership with the Republic of Turkey, runs February 13 through November 27, 2016.

PHILADELPHIA, PA July 2015— They are treasures that have survived centuries and even millennia: one of the world's oldest fragments of the gospel of Saint Matthew; the first Bible printed in the Americas, in the Native American Massachusett language; a New Testament Bible published in twelve languages in Nuremberg, Germany, 1599; the earliest version of the Mesopotamian flood story, pre-dating the Biblical story of Noah, written on clay nearly 3,500 years ago.

Premiere of New Space Dedicated to Student-Curated Exhibitions Philadelphia, PA, April 2015—The story of corn, from its earliest days as an important crop in the Americas to its current presence in food and drink around the world, is the subject of a small University of Pennsylvania-student curated exhibition presented as part of the University's 2014–2015 theme, the Year of Health. Corn: From Ancient Crop to Soda Pop is the inaugural exhibition in a newly refurbished space dedicated to student-curated offerings at the Penn Museum. The food-focused exhibition, fittingly set in new cases just outside the Museum's Pepper Mill Café, runs April 10 through March 13, 2016.

Special Events, Winter/Spring 2015 From an opening day celebration, to special Panamanian menu items in the café, to lectures, family activities, a young professionals' "Gold Diggers" tax time party, and Penn Museum members-only opportunities, visitors can unearth more while exploring the new exhibition. For details and updates, visit or

Expanded Exhibition of Large-Scale Photographs by Renowned Turkish PhotographerCaptures Grandeur of Byzantine Churches  "We knew not whether we were in heaven or on earth...we only knew that God dwells there among men."—Ambassadors to Prince Vladimir of Kievan Rus' on seeing the churches of Constantinople, 987 CE. PHILADELPHIA, PA—The splendor of Byzantine Christian art—preserved through the ages in early Christian churches in both Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, and the Cappadocia region of Turkey—is the focus of an expanded, large-scale photography exhibition opening April 12, 2014 at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia. Sacred Spaces: The Photography of Ahmet Ertug, a two-part exhibition fittingly presented under the vaulted ceilings of the Penn Museum's first floor Merle-Smith Galleries, features 26 works by innovative, acclaimed Turkish photographer Ahmet Ertug. Through his lens and with his exceptionally large-scale prints (some as large as six feet wide), Ertug captures the grandeur of the ancient Byzantine churches, all designated UNESCO World Heritage sites, in crisp, bright, detailed photographs. A digital-screen slide show of exterior images of the churches, and an interactive kiosk where visitors can explore the rich iconography depicted in Ertug's photographs, enhance the exhibition.

Exhibition Opens at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia Saturday, March 1, 2014 PHILADELPHIA, PA—Native American Voices: The People—Here and Now, a new exhibition opening at the Penn Museum March 1, 2014, challenges visitors to leave preconceptions about Native Americans behind—and discover a living tapestry of nations with distinct stories, identities, and contemporary leaders.

Penn Museum Puts "Behind the Scenes" on Display withExhibition Featuring Open Conservation Lab

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