Ardeth Anderson

Ardeth Anderson
Ardeth Anderson
Ardeth Anderson

Artist & General Contact
I was working on my Master of Fine Arts degree at Penn in 1990 when my “studio-mate” told me about her work-study position as an archaeological illustrator for the Ban Chiang Project at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. She was graduating that spring, so she asked if I would like to apply for the job. It sounded really interesting and I needed a job for the summer so I gave Joyce a call. Many, many years later I am still working for the Ban Chiang Project! My first assignment during those early days was illustrating the beautiful Ban Chiang ceramics. Through the years I have illustrated burials, site plans, and excavation sections.

Although I have both enjoyed and learned much from these various types of illustration, my favorite projects were the “artist reconstructions” of Ban Chiang that appear throughout this website. You can read about what it is like to be an archaeological illustrator in an Expedition Magazine article titled, Illuminating the Past: Art and artists of the Ban Chiang Project, Expedition37(2):53-62 and two Ban Chiang UpDATE articles, Issue 2 and Issue 14.

Another very important element of my work has been designing our annual fundraising newsletter, The Ban Chiang UpDATE (to view all past issues please visit the newsletter section of this website). I also prepare graphics, such as maps, page layouts, and illustrations used in various publications and presentations.

For almost a year now, I have been designing and updating both the Ban Chiang and Middle Mekong Archaeological Project (MMAP) websites. So please check in often for updates to both websites!

Read my Blog about the new Ceramics Lab on the Penn Museum’s website.

To see examples of my work at the Ban Chiang Lab as well as my free-lance work click here.

Ardeth Anderson
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