Elizabeth Hamilton

Elizabeth Hamilton trains two Lao in database entry.
Elizabeth Hamilton (far left) trains two Lao in database entry.
Elizabeth Hamilton (far left) trains two Lao in database entry.

Research Associate

I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Anthropology at Penn in 1995; my dissertation examined changes in copper-working technology and metal use in Belgic Gaul over the period of Julius Caesar’s invasion. My analytical specialty is archaeometallurgy, the study of ancient metal working, but as an archaeologist, my primary interest is in using the technical data to shed light on cultural practices. The opportunity to work on the Ban Chiang metal is exciting, because of the site’s early and sophisticated metallurgy. I first worked on curating and analyzing the scores of samples taken from the hundreds of copper-base and iron artifacts excavated from Ban Chiang and the nearby sites of Ban Phak Top, Ban Tong, and Don Klang, and then spent time writing up the results and interpretations for the second volume of the Thai Archaeology Monograph Series, still in preparation. I then put the results online so that our raw data can be searched and downloaded.

Since then, I have been the database manager for the Ban Chiang Project, constructing the Digital Image Archive program that allows us to preserve and record data about thousands of Ban Chiang images (see Digital Archives page). More recently, I have acted as the database manager and instructor for the Middle Mekong Archaeological Project. My research interests include the development of complex society, with particular reference to prehistoric Europe and Southeast Asia, archaeometallurgy, warfare, and the interaction of society and technology.

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Hamilton, E.
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White, J. C. and E. G. Hamilton
2009 The transmission of early bronze technology to Thailand: new perspectives. In Journal of World Prehistory 22:357-397. Read the pdf

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