Marie-Claude Boileau


Dr. Marie-Claude Boileau.

Year of Monographs Post-Doc

I am an archaeologist specializing on the technological study of archaeological ceramics. I follow the concept of chaîne opératoire, tracing the potter’s choice and action at every step of the production sequence, from the selection and preparation of raw materials to the firing, distribution and use of finished products. Central to my research is the reconstruction of technological traditions, their development over time and across space, as a way to approach cultural and social identity. To achieve this goal I use an integrated methodology, combining typo-stylistic, macroscopic, petrographic and chemical analyses of ceramics and raw materials. I am currently involved in a number of archaeological projects in Bronze and Early Iron Age Syria, Greece, and Turkey.

For this ‘Year of Ceramics’ I am very excited in joining the Ban Chiang research group to conduct a detailed technological analysis of the fascinating pottery assemblage as well as co-teach a two-semester graduate course on the analysis of archaeological ceramics.

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Marie-Claude Boileau
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