Tom Tartaron


Professor Tom Tartaron, teaching the class, Introduction to Archaeological Ceramics to graduate students.

Assistant Professor of Classical Studies at Penn

Tom Tartaron joins the ‘Year of Ceramics’ team to co-teach a two-semester graduate course on the analysis of archaeological ceramics. Introduction to Archaeological Ceramics is a year-long intensive course that introduces students to the techniques and theoretical foundations used by archaeologists to study ceramic collections and make inferences about the behavior of past peoples and societies.

For the past two decades, Dr. Tartaron has participated in regional-scale studies of the Greek past, in which his principal focus has been on the Bronze Age. Among these have been major regional landscape archaeology projects: the Berbati-Limnes Archaeological Survey, the Nikopolis Project, and the Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey (EKAS). His new project, co-directed with Daniel Pullen of the Florida State University, is entitled the Saronic Harbors Archaeological Project (SHARP). This research centers on the recently discovered Mycenaean harbor town at Kalamianos, south of Corinth. Dr. Tartaron is also working on two long-term petrographic studies of Middle Bronze Age pottery from the central Greek sites of Orchomenos and Kirrha, in collaboration with the Fitch Laboratory at the British School of Archaeology at Athens.

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