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COMING SOON…the first newsletter of the Institute for Southeast Asian Archaeology (ISEAA).
Look for articles about current research, projects and the people who are continuing the work of the Ban Chiang Project and the Middle Mekong Archaeology Project (MMAP). ISEAA is a new non-profit entity, led by Dr. Joyce White, that is dedicated to the multi-disciplinary investigation of Southeast Asia’s archaeological past in order to advance that knowledge for the benefit of scholars and the public.

The Ban Chiang Update
From 1994 through 2013, the Ban Chiang Project published a newsletter, The Ban Chiang Update, with articles and photos of current research, profiles of new staff, and announcements. Click on the links below to view PDFs for every issue.

Fall 2013 Fall 2013 (Issue #20)

  • From the Director: New Beginnings
  • MMAP 2013
  • FOBC Donors since July 1st, 2011
Spring 2012 Spring 2012 (Issue #19)

  • From the Director: Year of Monographs
  • “If these pots could talk…”
  • Conference report: Emergence of Bronze Age Societies: A Global Perspective
  • Chet Gorman, Ban Chiang’s Wild Ginger Man
Spring 2011 Spring 2011 (Issue #18)

  • From the Director: Year of Ceramics
  • Quelles Belles Céramiques!
  • An Interview with Joom and Boun
  • There’s a New Ceramics Lab in Town!
  • Exciting Preliminary Dates in Speleothem Research
Spring 2010 Spring 2010 (Issue #17)

  • From the Director: Your FOBC Contributions at Work!
  • MMAP in Hanoi: MMAP team presents
    papers at the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association (IPPA) conference
  • MMAP 2010: Excavation and Research at Tham An Mah Cave
  • Bill Henderson, Volunteer of the Year
Spring 2009 Spring 2009 (Issue #16)

  • From the Director: Ban Chiang Project Wins $300,000 Luce Grant
  • The Ban Chiang Digital Project: Your Ban Chiang Dollars at Work!
  • Ban Chiang’s Archaeo-Database
  • MMAP 2009
Spring 2008 Spring 2008 (Issue #15)

  • From the Director
  • Joyce Receives a Phone Call from the Department of Homeland Security
  • Snake Soup
  • Writing History Five Centimeters at a Time
Spring 2007 Spring 2007 (Issue #14)

  • From the Director: Monographs and the Creation of Knowledge
  • Spotlight on Rita DeAngelo
  • TAC-II (Thai Archaeology Challenge II) donors list
Winter/Spring 2006 Winter/Spring 2006 (Issue #13)

  • From the Director/Artist
  • Fun with Metallurgy
  • MMAP 2005: An Expedition to Laos Through Museum Volunteers’ Eyes
Winter/Spring 2003 Winter/Spring 2003 (Issue #12)

  • From the Director: Another Busy and Productive Year at the Ban Chiang Lab
  • FOBC Celebrate the Publication of the First Monograph
  • John Hastings: Volunteer Extraordinare!
  • Island Adventure
Winter 2001 (Issue #11) Winter 2001 (Issue #11)

  • From the Director/Artist: What has Joyce been up to?
  • The Odyssey: From Field, to Lab, to Publication
  • Archaeocomputing?
  • Coming Home…to Fieldwork
  • Ban Chiang’s Compudude
  • Please Pass the Rice
Winter 2000 (Issue #10) Winter 2000 (Issue #10)

  • From the Director
  • Ban Chiang Not for Sale
  • More Pollen Stories
  • UpDATE Marks its 10th Issue
Summer 1999 (Issue #9) Summer 1999 (Issue #9)

  • From the Director
  • Bronze Age Culture of Nyaung-gan, Myanmar
  • Pollen Stories
Summer 1999 (Issue #8) Summer 1999 (Issue #8)

  • From the Director
  • The Princess of Thailand Visits the Ban Chiang Lab
  • My Melakan Experience
Spring/Summer 1998 Spring/Summer 1998 (Issue #7)

  • A Celebration of Thai’s Ancient Cultural Heritage
  • In the Rotunda: A Feast of Thai Culture
  • The Crucibles of Ban Chiang
Fall 1997/Winter 1998 Fall 1997/Winter 1998 (Issue #6)

  • From the Director: We’ve been challenged!
  • Skeletons Beneath a Village
  • Bones Tell of Life in Ancient Ban Chiang
Spring/Summer 1997 Spring/Summer 1997 (Issue #5)

  • From the Director/Artist
  • From “Near East” to “South East” or How I ended up Digging in Thailand
  • Modern Ban Chiang: Another Perspective
Fall 1996/Winter 1997 Fall 1996/Winter 1997 (Issue #4)

  • From the Director/Artist
  • Ban Chiang: Thirty Years Later
  • …and from our high school summer intern, Julianna…
Spring/Summer 1996 Spring/Summer 1996 (Issue #3)

  • From the Director
  • Joyce’s Thai House Blessing
  • Our Exhibition: One Year Later
Fall/Winter 1995 Fall/Winter 1995 (Issue #2)

  • From the Director: The Friends of Ban Chiang has much to celebrate
  • Illuminating the Past: Art and Artists of the Ban Chiang Project Exhibit Opens…and Closes
  • The Ban Chiang Gang: A Continuation
Fall/Winter 1994 Fall/Winter 1994 (Issue #1)

  • From the Director: FOBC One-Year Anniversary
  • Past Events: Water Lilies, Wine, and the Thailand Palaeoenvironment Project
  • Spotlight Volunteer: Bill Henderson
  • National Geographic Funds the Thailand Palaeoenvironment Project

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