Joyce White Keynote Speaker
Association for Asian Studies Conference 2014.

Dr. Joyce White discusses
Penn’s Luce Program for Asian Archaeology.

Watch an interview
with Dr. Joyce White by tribaleglobale.

“Tham Vang Ta Leow, Laos excavation 2008″
Penn undergrad Yanik Ruiz-Ramón’s YouTube video from MMAP’s 2008 Field Season.

“A taste of Luang Prabang”
Volunteer Bill Henderson’s YouTube video from MMAP’s 2005 Field Season.

Opening A Window to Thailand’s Past: Chansen, Thailand

Discovering a Peaceful Bronze Age: Ban Chiang Project

Studying the Present to Understand the Past-Ethnoarchaeology at Ban Chiang

Exploring Prehistoric Metal Making-Thailand Archaeometallurgy Project

Investigating Environmental Change- Thailand Palaeoenvironment Project

Training Southeast Asian Archaeologists- UPENN Anthropology Department

The Future: Laos- Middle Mekong Archaeological Project