Dr. Joyce White discusses
Penn’s Luce Program for Asian Archaeology.

Watch an interview
with Dr. Joyce White by tribaleglobale.

“Tham Vang Ta Leow, Laos excavation 2008″
Penn undergrad Yanik Ruiz-Ramón’s YouTube video from MMAP’s 2008 Field Season.

“A taste of Luang Prabang”
Volunteer Bill Henderson’s YouTube video from MMAP’s 2005 Field Season.

Opening A Window to Thailand’s Past: Chansen, Thailand

Discovering a Peaceful Bronze Age: Ban Chiang Project

Studying the Present to Understand the Past-Ethnoarchaeology at Ban Chiang

Exploring Prehistoric Metal Making-Thailand Archaeometallurgy Project

Investigating Environmental Change- Thailand Palaeoenvironment Project

Training Southeast Asian Archaeologists- UPENN Anthropology Department

The Future: Laos- Middle Mekong Archaeological Project