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Near Eastern
High Relief
CBS Register: Fragment, slab in limestone, morturary stone. In high relief, bust of woman with Palmyrene inscription to the left of her head. Reddist color partly preserved.

Romano: "Square inscribed loculus relief with bust of woman in frontal position. Right arm is bent across front of body; left arm is bent grasping edge of veil. Woman is wearing tunic and mantle pinned over left shoulder with circular brooch; the mantle falls in a broad curve below the right breast and with a loop on the bare right forearm. At the forehead she wears a diadem with a palm motif in the center, with a twisted turban and a veil over the top of the head. Her hair is drawn back in locks from the sides of the face, disappearing beneath the veil. Several long locks fall over her right shoulder. She wears two necklaces: a rolled necklace with a small jewel hanging from it and a chain with crescent pendant with knobs on the ends. On the little finger of her left hand are two rings with tiny stones represented. She has cheekbones and broad, flat cheeks. The forehead is high with eyebrows on sharp ridges; prominent almond-shaped eyes, with thickened ridge for upper lid, over lapping the lower; raised circle with incision around perimeter for iris; drilled dot for pupil; emphasized lacrimal gland. Flattened bridge of nose with broad nostrils. Indentation between nose and mouth. Small mouth with thick lower lip and deep indentation separating lips; small projecting chin; strong jaw line. In the background is a dorsalium or curtain hanging from a rosette on each side with a palm branch above each. Inscription in four lines to right of head: "Yedi 'at, daughter of Si'ona, son of Taime, Alas!" Traces of pinkish red pigment on dorsalium, on inscribed letters, on diadem, and on turban."
Credit Line:
Babylonian Expedition to Nippur II, 1890, 1990

Current & Past Exhibitions:

Discovering the Past: Highlights from the University Museum (IBM) (20 Jun 1989 - 20 Aug 1989)
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[Book] Hillers, Delbert R. & Cussini, Eleonora. 1996. Palmyrene Aramaic Texts. 458 pages. : Page/Fig./Plate: 251
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[Catalogue, Collection] Romano, Irene B. 2006. Classical Sculpture; Catalogue of the Cypriot, Greek and Roman Stone Sculpture in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. : Page/Fig./Plate: p. 283, no. 131
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