Classroom Workshops

Enjoy our archaeology and anthropology workshops in our new classroom! In our Classroom Workshops students will experience a hands-on and minds-on array of interactive, thought provoking activities that will complement and strengthen your museum visit.

Select from the following programs

NEW!! Making a Mosaic
Grades: 5th-9th
The artistry of Roman mosaics is revealed in this hands-on workshop where students learn all about the different types of this decorative art and how ancient artisans created them. Students will get to work in small groups, then as a class to create one giant mosaic comprised of over 4,000 tesserae! The workshop incorporates math, along with the study of ancient history.

Preserving the Past
Grades: 5th–9th
Practice the basics of museum conservation in this hands-on artifact lab. Students repair and restore artifacts as they discover both the science behind deterioration, and the important role conservators play in preserving the past.

Mummy Makers
Grades: 5th–9th
Become an ancient Egyptian embalmer and prepare Mr. Ulysses Penn for his journey to the afterlife! Using fabricated mummies, students will explore mummification as they witness each step of the process including brain removal, evisceration, desiccation, and wrapping. Students will also investigate the religious significance of mummification. Mummy Makers incorporates both math and science, along with the study of ancient history. This workshop uses life-like mummies.

Preparing for Eternity: Egyptian False Doors
Grades: 2nd-5th
Imagine yourself as a pharaoh and create a false door incorporating hieroglyphs, an idealized self-portrait, and ancient Egyptian art motifs.

Classroom Workshop reservations must be placed at least 2 months in advance. Contact the Education Department at: (215) 746-6774 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Classroom Workshops may take place between 10:00am-1:00pm, Tuesday-Friday. 

Group Size 
A maximum of 30 students for each Classroom Workshop is required.  We require one adult for every 10 children. 
Group Admission rates plus $100 per workshop.

45 minutes - 1 hour 
Payment in full must be made no later than two weeks prior to the fieldtrip visit date. Sorry, no refunds or credits will be given after payment is processed.


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