Commonwealth Lecture Program

The Commonwealth Lecture Program's mission is to make the resources of the Museum available throughout the public library system, senior communities, youth centers, and other community providers in the State of Pennsylvania. Anthropologists and archaeologists offer talks on a variety of subjects for audiences, both children and adults. 

Organizations are responsible for a $275 coordination fee (paid to the Museum) and travel expenses (paid directly to the presenter) for each lecture.

Book a Program
Speakers are available to present on the following topics:

Contact us at least one month in advance of the date(s) you would like to schedule a lecture. Please note it is important to allow plenty of lead time for publicity. The Outreach Coordinator will require a minimum of two weeks to confirm a program.

Please request each lecture by title and speaker. In case your first choice is not available, please indicate an alternate date and speaker. Every effort will be made to respond promptly to your requests.

View a full list of Commonwealth Lecture Program Topics

Responsibilities of the Museum
Contact the speaker to schedule time, date, and location of the lecture. Confirm the time and date of lecture in writing to host institution. Provide a biography of the speaker for publicity. Provide an honorarium to the lecturer.

Responsibilities of the host organization
Provide space and publicity for the lecture. All publicity must acknowledge The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology as a sponsor. Provide the Museum with copies of publicity and attendance figures after the event.  Organizations are responsible for a $275 coordination fee for each lecture and reimbursement of presenter travel expenses. We appreciate thank you notes that can be included in our annual report to the legislature.

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