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Annual Maya Symposium: Maya Research Today
-  09:00AM - 05:00PM
Penn Museum - Philadelphia
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Maya Stela

Saturday, March 15, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Annual Maya Symposium
Voices of the Past: Maya Research Today
Scholars, first-time visitors, enthusiasts, and lovers of all things Maya are invited to take part in a full day of special Maya-related programming. Guests hear from experts, including Curator Richard Leventhal and Associate Curator and Keeper Simon Martin, one of the world's leading scholars on ancient Maya glyph writing—both of the Penn Museum's American Section—as well as scholars and students specializing in a variety of pre-Columbian disciplines. Topics of discussion range from ancient environmental issues, to historic excavation sites, to the future of Maya heritage. Admission: $40; $30, Penn Museum members; $20 full-time College Students with ID.

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8:30 am–9:00 am Registration
9:00 am–9:10 am Opening Comments
9:10 am–9:50 am Modern Maya and the Future of Maya Heritage; Richard M. Leventhal, Curator, American Section; Director of Penn Cultural Heritage Center; and Professor of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
9:50 am–10:30 am Obsidian and Paper: Inscriptions of Classic Maya Specialists and an Archaeology of their Residence at Xultun, Guatemala; Franco Rossi, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Archaeology, Boston University and Dumbarton Oaks Fellow

Coffee Break

*10:50 am–11:10 am  Razing the Roof: Acts of Purposeful Destruction in and around the Belize River Valley; Sarah Kurnick
*11:10 am–11:30 am Social Group Differentiation at El Coyote, Honduras; David Rogoff
*11:30 am–11:50 am On the Border: Political Cohesion and Conflict in the Late Classic Piedras Negras Environs;Whit Schroeder
*11:50 am–12:10 pm The Emperor's Clothes: Cotton in Mesoamerica; Joanne Baron


*1:30 pm–1:50 pm

Scribes, Dwarves, and a Toad, Oh My: Conservation of a Maya figurine group; Lynn Grant, Head Conservator, Penn Museum

*1:50 pm–2:10 pm Smuggling, War, and Hacienda Life in a 19th Century Yucateacan Frontier; Tiffany Cain
*2:10 pm–2:30 pm Being Maya in San Francisco, California; Christa Cesario
2:30 pm–3:10 pm Cycles of Life, Places of Rebirth: The Continuity of Prehispanic Religious Ideology in Colonial Highland Guatemala; Frauke Sachse, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Bonn

Coffee Break

3:30 pm–4:10 pm Where Children Are Born: Centipedes and Feminine Sexuality in Maya Art; Oswaldo Chinchilla, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Yale University
4:10 pm–4:50 pm Mind the Gap: Bridging the Early and Late Classic Dynasties at Tikal, Guatemala; Simon Martin, Associate Curator, American Section, Penn Museum
5:00 pm Closing reception with cash bar

*Lightning Talks – Fast-paced lectures by current graduate students and professionals in the field.


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