Expedition Volume 55, Number 3 Winter 2013


Special Issue: Native American Voices: Contemporary Themes of Sovereign Nations
Cover: Miscommunication, Jason Garcia (2012). Combining time honored Pueblo imagery and techniques with pop culture themes, this clay box shows Santa Clara Pueblo members chatting on their cell phones while celebrating the Feat of Saint Clare of Assisi. (Museum Object Number: 2013-14-1)

Table of Contents

  • Rebuilding Indigenous Nations: Native American Activism and the Long Red Power Movement
  • Threatened and Damaged: Protecting Sacred Places
  • Understanding Tribal Sovereignty: The Native American Rights Fund
  • Being Hopi
  • Seeing One's Creative Process
Native Americans at Penn
  • Researching the Pueblo Revolt of 1680
  • Planting New Seeds: The Lenape Garden at Penn
  • New Native American Studies Initiative at Penn
  • Recruiting Native American Students to Penn
  • From the Guest Editor
  • From the Director
  • In the Galleries
  • Museum Events
  • From the Archives: Edward Sapir and Tony Tillohash
  • Member News
  • Museum Mosaic
  • Book News + Reviews
  • Looking Back
  • Volume 55 Index

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