Expedition Volume 56, Number 1 Spring 2014


Special Issue: The Penn Museum at Abydos
Cover: Final photographs are taken at the end of the 2013–2014 field season.

Table of Contents

Museum Excavations at Abydos

  • Revealing a Hidden Tomb: A Look at Excavations inside the Tomb of Senwosret III
  • Fragments of a Difficult Era: Excavations of Tomb S9 at South Abydos
  • Ancient Reuse: The Discovery of a Royal Sarcophagus Chamber
  • The Palatial Residence of Wah-sut: Modeling the Mayor's House at South Abydos
  • Taking it with You: The South Abydos Tomb Census
  • Their Memory Lives on: Domestic Funerary Commemoration at Wah-sut

New Discoveries

  • Discovering Pharaohs Sobekhotep & Senebkay: An Update from the 2013-2014 Field season
  • The Remains of Senebkay: First Glimpse of a New Pharaoh

Abydos in the Penn Museum

  • Hidden Treasures :Abydos in the Basement
  • Saving History: The Conservation of Painted Coffin Fragments from Abydos
  • The Last Partage: Dividing Finds from the 1960s Excavations


  • From the Director
  • Museum Awards
  • From the Guest Editor
  • In the Galleries 
  • From the Archives
  • Member News
  • New Acquisitions
  • Museum Mosaic 
  • Looking Back

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