Expedition Volume 1, Number 3 Spring 1959

Expedition Volume 1, Number 3 Spring 1959Cover: View along balk separating excavated areas at Hasanlu, Azerbaijan, Iran. Doorways to the right belong to the Burned Building of the ninth century BC excavated by a Joint Expedition of the University Museum and the Iranian Archaeological Service.

A Sumerian Document with Microscopic Cuneiform
Samuel Noah Kramer

Digging in Iran--Hasanlu, 1958
Robert H. Dyson, Jr.

The Hasanlu Bowl
Edith Porada

Clever People, These Armenians
Carleton S. Coon

Double Trouble
Elizabeth K. Ralph

Te-moana-nui-o-Kiwa: The Final Article in a Series about the Finding and Naming of Some of the Islands in the Pacific--The Maori Great Sea of Kiwa
Marianne L. Stoller

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