Expedition Volume 2, Number 2 Winter 1960

Expedition Volume 2, Number 2 Winter 196Cover: Drawing by Norman J. Johnston. Part of a decorative carved band on a cylindrical tripod vessel found in a grave in Tikal, Guatemala, by the University Museum's expedition during the 1959 field season. The band depicts two priests receiving a file of warriors who carry throwing sticks and spears. The vessel is believed to have been made at Teotihuacan in the Valley of Mexico, a thousand miles northwest of Tikal.

Gordion--Phrygian Construction and Architecture
Rodney S. Young

Louis Shotridge
J. Alden Mason

Wanted--More and Better Archaeologists
A. V. Kidder

An Etruscan Tomb-Guardian
Ellen Kohler

Tikal Stela 29
Edwin M. Shook

Maya "Long Count" Numbers
Linton Satterthwaite

Museum Staff

Where in the World?

The Authors

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Tikal--A Map of the Central Portion of a Famous Maya Ruin in the Lowlands of Guatemala


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