Expedition Volume 9, Number 1 Fall 1966

Expedition Volume 9, Number 1 Fall 1966Cover: Pictures taken by Ann Chowning in 1962 at Galilo, New Britain. Above, food, mostly sweet potatoes and bushfowl eggs, wrapped in leaves, is distributed at a traditional feast by the men of the sponsoring hamlet, while the Big Men of other hamlets wait for their share. Below, a masked figure chasing terrified children, who flee for protection to Duako, who cannot be beaten because he is a man and also because he is carrying his baby.

Lakalai Revisited
Ann Chowning

A Peninsula That May Have Been an Island--Tayasal, Peten, Guatemala
Ruben E. Reina

Classic Maya Rubbings
Merle Green

The Ganga-Yamuna Basin in the First Millennium B.C.
Vimala S. Begley

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