Expedition Volume 11, Number 1 Fall 1968

expedition11.1Special Issue: University Museum Field Work I

The Conservation Program at Tikal
Alfred Kidder II

Problems of Deep Wreck Identification
George F. Bass and Laurence T. Joline

Arts and Crafts in Truk
Ward H. Goodenough

Operation Gordion
Rodney S. Young

The Palace of Tell es-Sa'Idieyeh
James B. Pritchard

Sixteenth Century Guatemala--Archivos de Indias, Seville
Ruben E. Reina

Field Work in Egypt
David O'Connor

Anthropology in the British Solomon Islands
William H. Davenport

Alaska--Archaeology in the Atigun Valley
Herbert L. Alexander

The South Asia Section
George F. Dales

Excavations at Yengema Cave, Sierra Leone
Carleton S. Coon


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