Expedition Volume 25, Number 2 Winter 1983

Expedition Volume 25, Number 2 Winter 1983Cover: Photos from the Museum Archives.
1. George Tooks and family, Van Valin, 1918.
2. Seascape with the mid-night sun, Van Valin, 1915.
3. Eskimo women sewing uguruk skins.
4. G. B. Gordon sketch of Eskimo children, 1905.
5. Quik, excavator on the John Wanamaker expedition, Van Valin, 1918.

Benin, Oyo, and Dahomey--Warfare, State Building, and the Sacralization of Iron in West African History
Sandra T. Barnes and Paula Ben-Amos

Early Italian Pottery--Five Vessels from a Neolithic Household in Calabria
Albert J. Ammerman

Irrigation in an Arabian Valley--A System of Highland Terraces in the Yemen Arab Republic
Daniel Martin Varisco

Forgotten Tells of Mali--New Evidence of Urban Beginnings in West Africa
Roderick J. McIntosh and Susan Keech McIntosh

Museum Staff

From the Archives--Rediscovering the Eskimo



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