Expedition Volume 38, Number 1 Spring 1996

Expedition Volume 38, Number 1 Spring 1996Cover: Photo by H. Leedom Lefferts, Jr. The current textile inventory of Mrs. Hoan, a weaver in northern Vietnam. Five rolls of white cloth lay at the bottom of her basket. She said this cloth was used for burial shrouds.

Settlement Patterns and Community Organization in the Maya Lowlands
Jeremy A. Sabloff

Tell es-Sweyhat, 1989-1995--A City in Northern Mesopotamia in the 3rd Millennium B.C.
Richard L. Zettler

Botanical and Faunal Remains from Tell es-Sweyhat
Naomi F. Miller and Jill Ann Weber

Geomagnetic Mapping at Tell es-Sweyhat
Peter Peregrine

The Tell es-Sweyhat Regional Archaeological Project
Michael D. Danti

The Ritual Importance of the Mundane--White Cloth Among the Tai of Southeast Asia
H. Leedom Lefferts, Jr.

Musings and Visions from the Museum

Reviews and Reports--Astragali, the Ubiquitous Gaming Pieces

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