Expedition Volume 37, Number 3 Winter 1995

Expedition Volume 37, Number 3 Winter 1995Special Issue: Cambodia--Restoration and Revival
Cover: Photo by David A. Feingold, Ophidian Films, Ltd. The dancer in Cambodia embodies the Khmer ideals of beauty, grace, and continuity.

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Cambodia--Restoration and Revival

The Angkorean Temple-Mountain--Diversity, Evolution, Permanence
Thierry Zephir

Two Thousand Years of Engineering Genius on the Angkor Plain
Richard A. Engelhardt

Angkor--Planning for Sustainable Tourism
David Bowden

The Play of the Gods--A Photo-Essay on Khmer Dance Training
David A. Feingold

Cambodian History Through Cambodian Museums
Heather A. Peters

Musings and Visions from the Director's Desk

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