Expedition Volume 35, Number 2 Summer 1993

Expedition Volume 35, Number 2 Summer 1993Special Issue: Nubia--An Ancient African Civilization
Cover: "The Homage of the Nubian Princes", from Nina de G. Davies, The Tomb of Huy (London: The Egypt Exploration Society, 1926), Pl. 28.



Chiefs or Kings?--Rethinking Early Nubian Politics
David O'Connor

Art and Industry--The Achievements of Meroe
Samia B. Dafa'alla

Medieval Nubia--Another Golden Age
William Y. Adams

Images and Attitudes--Ancient Views of Nubia and the Nubians
Frank M. Snowden, Jr.

Beyond the Nile--The Influence of Egypt and Nubia in Sub-Saharan Africa
John Alexander

Museum Staff

Behind the Scenes--Karanog, Wealthy Capital of a Lower Nubian Province

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