Expedition Volume 33, Number 3 Winter 1991

Expedition Volume 33, Number 3 Winter 1991Cover: Photo by William Isbell. Honcopampa, Peru viewed from the north, Ama Puncu is a group of multi-storied chullpas surrounding a small U-shaped plaza. Several of the chullpas are so poorly preserved that they appear as little more than earthen mounds.

Boat Graves and Pyramid Origins--New Discoveries at Abydos, Egypt
David O'Connor

On the Banks of the River--Opportunistic Cultivation in South India
Seetha N. Reddy

Honcopampa--Monumental Ruins in Peru's North Highlands
William H. Isbell

A Body of Knowledge, or, the Body Knows
Kenneth M. Kensinger

"Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax"--International Trade and the Late Bronze Age Aegean
Eric H. Cline and Martin J. Cline

Index to Volume 33

Museum Staff

Reflections of a Digger

Reports from the Field--Capuchins, Capybaras, and Cattle

Cumulative Index--Expedition Magazine 1958-1990

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