Expedition Volume 32, Number 3 Winter 1990

Expedition Volume 32, Number 3 Winter 1990Special Issue: The Cultural Heritage of Crete
Cover: Myers balloon aerial photograph of the peninsula on the southeast coastof Pseira, showing the Minoan settlement.

Barbara Hayden, Jennifer Moody, and Polymnia Muhly

North American Archaeological Work in Crete, 1880 to 1990
Joseph W. Shaw

The Stone Vessels of Pseira
Philip P. Betancourt

Tombs and Burial Practices in Early Iron Age Crete
Geraldine C. Gesell, Leslie Preston Day, and William D. E. Coulson

Low-Altitude Aerial Photography in Crete
J. Wilson Myers and Eleanor Emlen Myers

Pastoral Life in the Mountains of Crete--An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective
Harriet Blitzer

The Vrokastro Survey Project--Providing a Context for an Early Iron Age Site
Barbara J. Hayden and Jennifer A. Moody

The Great Goddess and the Priest-King--Minoan Religiion in Flux
Polymnia Muhly

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