Expedition Volume 32, Number 1 Spring 1990

Expedition Volume 32, Number 1 Spring 1990Special Issue: Textiles, Costume, and Ornament
Cover: Photo by Lorraine Aragon. Pipikoro artisan Tina Idjo and two daughters appliqued blouses of loomed cloth that she designed and sewed for traditional-style ceremonies.

Kwara'ae Costume Ornaments--A Solomon Islands Art Form
Ben Burt

The Ultimate Attire--Jewelry from a Canaanite Temple at Beth Shan
Patrick E. McGovern

Looking at the Past--Nineteenth Century Images of Constantinople as Historic Documents
Nancy Micklewright

Barkcloth Production in Central Sulawesi--A Vanishing Textile Technology in Outer Island Indonesia
Lorraine V. Aragon

The Textiles from Pazyryk--A Study in the Transfer and Transformation of Artistic Motifs
Karen S. Rubinson

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