Expedition Volume 31, Number 1 Spring 1989

Expedition Volume 31, Number 1 Spring 1989Special Issue: Writing Systems
Cover: End page of a Koran from Hamadan, Iran, dated to AD 1164. The inscription, written in Naskh script, gives the date and the name of the calligrapher (UM# NE-P-27, neg. T8-5; H. 34.3 cm, W. 19.7 cm).

Upper Paleolithic Notation Systems in Prehistoric Europe
Simon Holdoway and Susan A. Johnston

The Feathered Serpent in Oaxaca--An Approach to the Study of the Mixtec Codices
John Monaghan

The Trukese-English Dictionary--Recording a Language on the Computer
Ward H. Goodenough

Persian Calligraphy--The Development of an Art Form
Ezat O. Negahban

Chinese Writing--A System of Characters Rich in Structural Diversity
Cheng-mei Chang

Chinese Ink
John Winter

The Art of Writing at Gordion
Lynn E. Roller

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