Expedition Volume 53, Number 3 Winter 2011

Expedition Volume 53, Number 3Cover: This portion of a famous Minoan fresco depicts both women (white figure) and men (brown figure) engaged in the sport of bull-leaping. It was recovered from the palace at Knossos in Crete, and dates to ca. 1450–1400 BC. The complete fresco is on page 11. Photo courtesy of the Heraklion Museum, Crete.


Bulls and Bull-leaping in the Minoan World
Jeremy McInerney

Penelope's Geese: Pets of the Ancient Greeks
Kenneth Kitchell

A View of the Horse from the Classical Perspective: The Penn Museum Collection
Donald White


From the Director
Richard Hodges

From the Editor
Jane Hickman

From the Field—The Corinth Excavations of 2011

From the Field—Butrint, Albania 

     In the Shadow of Butrint
     The Refuse of Urban History: Excavating the Roman Forum at Butrint

Collection Notes—The Museum’s Online Searchable Database

Book News & Reviews—Animals and Ethics

Museum Mosaic—People, Places, Projects

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