Expedition Volume 52, Number 3 Winter 2010

Expedition Volume 52, Number 3Cover: Yingpan Man, excavated from Yingpan, Yuli (Lop Nur) County, dates to the 3rd to 4th century CE. His clothing is finely made, and his painted mask is decorated with gold leaf. (Photo credit: Xinjiang Institute of Archaeology Collection)

The Silk Roads in History
Daniel C. Waugh

The Mummies of East Central Asia
Victor H. Mair

Textiles from the Silk Road: Intercultural Exchanges among Nomads, Traders, and Agriculturalists
Angela Sheng

Bronze Age Languages of the Tarim Basin
J.P. Mallory

From the Editor
Jane Hickman

From the Director
Richard Hodges

Portrait—Dr. Elfriede R. (Kezia) Knauer

What in the World— Ancient and Modern Foods from the Tarim Basin

Research Notes—The Luohan that Came from Afar

Museum Mosaic—People, Places, Projects

Book News & Reviews—Before the Silk Road

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Secrets of the Silk Road

Secrets of the Silk Road
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