Expedition Volume 51, Number 3 Winter 2009

Expedition Magazine Volume 51, Number 3Cover: Aerial view of Butrint, Albania. Photo by Butrint Foundation/Alket Islami.

Unraveling Butrint
James G. Schryver

Decoding Butrint’s Fortifications
Richard Hodges and Nevila Molla

Ugolini’s Presentation of Butrint to the Italian Public
James G. Schryver

Nikita Khrushchev’s visit to Butrint
Richard Hodges

Tracking East African Cattle Herders from Prehistory to the Present
Kathleen Ryan, Photography by Jennifer Chiappardi

The Turtles of Philadelphia's Culinary Past
Teagan Schweitzer


From the

From the Director: Creating a Sustainable Butrint
Richard Hodges

Meet the Associate Deputy Director
Margaret Spencer

From the Archives: Edith and Sasha Siemel
Alessandro Pezzati and Darien Sutton

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