Expedition Volume 54, Number 2 Summer 2012

Expedition Volume 54, Number 1Cover: The Undersea Grizzly Bear Helmet (Museum Object #NA5739, Penn Museum Image #151906) was collected by Penn Museum Curator Louis Shotridge in 1917. The helmet, dated ca. 1770–1790, is Tlingit and comes from Klukwan, Alaska. It is made of wood, pigment, spruce root, human hair, abalone shell, and copper. Shotridge wears a similar helmet on page 12 of this issue.


The Tlingit Map of 1869: A Masterwork of Indigenous Cartography 
John Cloud

A Marvel of Maya Engineering: Water Management at Tikal 
Peter D. Harrison

Hidden Earthworks in the Forests of the Bolivian Amazon
John H. Walker

A New Look at What in the World?
Lawrence Rosen


From the Editor

An Interview with Julian Siggers

Portraits— Bernard Wailes and Greg Possehl

Research Notes—Buried in the Height of Fashion

Book News & Reviews—John Henry Haynes and Race?

Museum Mosaic—People, Places, Projects


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