Expedition Volume 54, Number 1 Spring 2012

Expedition Volume 54, Number 1Cover: This jade figurine cached beneath a Copan Acropolis building dedicated by Wi’ Yohl K’inich (Ruler 8) in ca. 541–542 CE represents the rebirth of the Maize God rising from a spondylus shell, a pivotal event during the Maya creation myth. This suggests that Wi’ Yohl K’inich, like other Maya kings, closely identified himself with the Maize God to reinforce his status as a “Lord of Time.” Photo by Kenneth Garrett; excavated by the Early Copan Acropolis Program, Penn Museum; courtesy Instituto Hondureño de Antropología e Historia

Why Maya 2012 Fascinates Us
Anthony F. Aveni

Who Were the Maya?
Robert Sharer

Time, Kingship, and the Maya Universe
Maya Calendars: an Overview

Simon Martin

Time of Kings and Queens
Robert Sharer

Time Beyond Kings
Loa Traxler

2012 and Beyond
Loa Traxler

The Modern Maya and Recent History
Richard M. Leventhal, Carlos Chan Espinosa, and Cristina Coc


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From the Director

From the Archives — The Excavation of the Hieroglyphic Stairway at Copan

Book News & Reviews—Bringing Maya Sculpture to Life

Museum Mosaic—People, Places, Projects

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