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The Penn Museum has an active loan program involving institutions all over the world. Encompassing artifacts from the Museum's many sections—African, American, Asian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Mediterranean, Near East, and Oceanian—as well as the Museum Archives, these loans generally form part of larger exhibitions curated and designed by other museums, either for showcase in their own galleries or for the purpose of traveling to multiple venues.

By agreeing to loan our objects and participate in these exhibitions, we share our extraordinary collections with audiences that may never have the chance to visit the Penn Museum. Loaning objects also provides scholars the opportunity to interpret our collections in light of their own interests, allowing for a diversity of narratives told through the use of our collections.

If your museum is interested in borrowing from our collection, please read our Loan Procedures.

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NHK Promotions Inc, Japan (Traveling to 2 Venues)

"Queens of Egypt"

Tokyo National Museum (July 7, 2015 - September 23, 2015) - http://www.tnm.jp/?lang=en

 National Museum of Art, Osaka (October 10, 2015 - December 20, 2015) - http://www.nmao.go.jp/en/

4 Egyptian Objects


Fernbank Museum of Natural History (Atlanta, GA)

"When the Greeks Ruled Egypt: From Alexander the Great to Cleopatra"
October 8, 2014 - January 4, 2015


12 Near Eastern Objects


Science Museum of Minnesota (Traveling to Multiple Venues)

"Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed"

Museum of Science, Boston (Boston, MA) – October 17, 2014 – May 3, 2015

San Diego Natural History Museum (San Diego, CA) – June 12, 2015 – January 3, 2016)

31 American Objects


Princeton University Art Museum (Princeton, NJ)

"Art of the Ancient Americas"

January 5, 2015


6 American Objects


Abbe Museum (Bar Harbor, ME)

"Coming Home"

February 5, 2015 - January 2, 2016


11 American Objects


Carlos Museum at Emory University (Atlanta, GA)

"Near Eastern Gallery"
April 1, 2013 – September 30, 2015


1 Near East Object


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