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The Middle East Galleries

The Penn Museum’s new Middle East Galleries are now open! See what the reviewers have to say:

Olivia Jia
Refugees Connect Their Personal Stories with a Museum’s Ancient Artifacts

The New York Times
Anita Gates
Back to School With a Side of Art

The Guardian
Vanessa H Larson
‘One of the most important’ sets of Middle East artifacts unveiled

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Stephan Salisbury
Penn Museum's Middle East Galleries reopen: Behold, the queen's beer straw
Iraqi and Syrian immigrants are now leading Penn Museum tours of the stunning ancient treasures from their home countries

Peter Crimmins
Penn Museum opens new Middle East gallery

BlouinArtInfo International
Middle East Galleries Unveiled at Penn Museum After Three-Year Renovation

Philadelphia Style
Sarah Jordan
Men of the Moment: 5 Men Shaping the Future of Philly Right Now

Apollo Magazine
Eve Kahn
Ancient civilisations get a modern makeover at the Penn Museum On the cover!

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Laura Swartz
Penn Museum Unveils New Middle East Galleries

Wilmington News Journal
Marjorie Fishman
Masterpieces of Prehistoric Technology at the Penn Museum

Artes Magazine
Richard Friswell
Footprints in History: Penn Museum with New Middle East Galleries

Public Radio International (PRI)
Emma Jacobs
This Philadelphia museum hired Iraqi and Syrian refugees as tour guides for its Middle East gallery