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Philadelphia Science Festival 2018

Penn Museum is a founding partner and a core collaborator of the annual Philadelphia Science Festival, running April 20 through 28, 2018.

Founded in 2011, the Philadelphia Science Festival is a nine-day, community-wide celebration of science that takes place annually in April. Featuring lectures, debates, hands-on activities, special exhibitions and a variety of other informal science education experiences for all ages, the Festival aims to provide opportunities for all Philadelphians to positively engage with and build a community around science, engineering, and technology. Created and organized by The Franklin Institute and presented by The Dow Chemical Company, the annual Festival brings science to restaurants, parks, breweries, libraries, museums and other neighborhood places!

Find the Penn Museum at these Philadelphia Science Festival events, both at the Museum and around the city:

Philadelphia Science Festival West Philly Star Party
Friday, April 20, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
4000 Woodland Ave, Phialdelphia, PA

Enjoy a night of celestial exploration at The Woodlands, where professional and amateur astronomers bring out their telescopes to show locals the wonders of star gazing! Investigate the legends of the night sky in a mini-chat with experts in astronomy and archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania Astronomy School and the Penn Museum. Complete your cosmological adventure with family-friendly crafts and celestial popsicles from local favorite, Lil’ Pop Shop. **This is a B.Y.O.T. event, so you are invited to bring your own telescope!

Science in the Park at Clark Park
Can You Preserve the Past?

Saturday, April 21, 1 pm to 5 pm
Clark Park, 4398 Chester Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Visitors will investigate the science of deterioration and preservation as they participate in hands-on conservation challenges to see if they have what it takes to preserve archaeology’s greatest discoveries!

Be a Scientist!
Be an Ancient Architect!
(Part of the Museum’s Opening Weekend Festival)

Sunday, April 22, 10 am to 1:00 pm
Penn Museum

Come explore the new Middle East Galleries at the Penn Museum to discover how the first cities were formed. Families will test their engineering skills as they work to build ancient city structures. Come join us at this event, and enjoy all of the Opening Weekend Festival activities while you are here! (Free with Museum admission)

Science After School
Can Trees Be Calendars?

Wednesday, April 25 3:30 to 5:30 pm
Blackwell Regional Library
125 S. 52nd Street, Phialdelphia, PA

Did you know that archaeologists use the patterns and number of tree rings to determine the date and environment of an ancient settlement? Visitors explore the science of archaeology through careful investigation of tree rings, making a personalized calendar, and attempt to match ring patterns to determine the age of ancient tree samples!

Community Night @ The Franklin
Trash Can Talk?

Tuesday, April 24, 10 am to 4 pm
222 N 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Have you ever wondered how much someone can learn about you by studying your garbage? Archaeologists excavate ancient and modern trash heaps to learn more about behavioral patterns and environmental issues. Learn more about how trash talks through this hands-on activity where you dig through—and try to make sense of—ancient trash!

Science Carnival on the Parkway
Saturday, April 28, 10 am to 4 pm

Discover how the earliest jewelry was made, through the investigation of ancient artifacts. Explore the different techniques of metal working practiced thousands of years ago while creating your own pendant inspired by designs that can be found in the new Middle East Galleries at the Penn Museum!


Jill DiSanto, Public Relations Director