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"The Eskimo"

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Film Description:This film was made by Richard Emerick, between May and October 1954, within the hunting territory of the Iglulingmiut people in and around Fox Basin, NW territories of Canada. The film resulted from a joint expedition of the Danish National Museum and the Penn Museum, led by Jorgan Meldgaard of the Danish institution.

This film shows the economic relation of a hunting people to their animal environment and is a particular record of the hunting practices of the Iglulingmiut people, particularly as they relate to seals, walruses and polar bears. A short three minute rider at the end shows some of the work of Jorgan Meldgaard, Father Guy Marie-Rouselliere and Richard Emerick in excavating Dorset and Thule archaeological sites sy Alarnaq on the northeastern tip of Melville peninsula in the same area.
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Tags: Archaeological sites | Canada | Fox Basin | Iglulingmiut people | University Museum expeditions

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