Tunisia 1967 Reel 14 of 52


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Film Id:F16-0305
Film Description:Reel 14 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Tunis area


Cat. Reel 305 1967: Reel 14: Tunisia. March 11-17. Tunis area. Takrouna. Sousse. Djemmal.

Studded wooden door.
Wood carving.
Carved stone: Arabic script.
Metal-thread vest (cu).
Spanish gate: 400 years old.
Roman road, bridge (en-route to Sousse).
Roman mill, probably for olive oil (Hotel museum).
A capital.
Three stone water containers.
A mill.
Mosaics at Museum:
Four mosaic animals.
Two stone carvings.
Mill stone.
Berber village on a mountain (Takrouna).
Walls, apparent use of Roman stones (on mountaintop).
Women of Takrouna: note chain across head to support heavy earrings
Village on steep mountainside, farmlands below.
Fields: view from mountaintop.
Buildings on edge of mountaintop.
White house, stone wall.
Bread oven: a hollow earthen mound.
Takrouna: view from the plain.
Bougainvillea on wall of building.
Water well. Girl (cu).
White minaret.
Small sidewalk market: teapot on charcoal "stove."
Reed blankets and mats for sale.
Straw: note "straw collar" for horse or mule.
Harness parts made of straw.
Two children.
Spike muzzle prevents calf from nursing.
Sheep market.
Sheep in baskets on mule at market (Djemmal).
Market scenes.
Clothing for sale.
Crowd scenes, pottery for sale.
Weaving on hand operated loom (mcu).
Grain for sale.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Tunis area, Takrouna, Sousse, Djemmal
Tags: Djemmal | Sousse | Takrouna | Tunis area
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