East Africa 1952 Reel 1 of 10


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Film Id:F16-0061
Film Description:Reel 1 of 10
Unedited travelogue


1952: Reel 1: Zanzibar. July 19-20.

Large door: brass knobs protect it from elephants.
Narrow alley.
Armed soldier on guard.
Government buildings, [white walls, window balconies]
Wharf: men pushing 4-wheel "Truck".
Harbor boats: sailboats, outrigger. Note: thatched cabin.
Octopus, [being rolled in dirt]
Vendor selling drink from conical vessel.
Market scenes. "Restaurant." [goods for sale, open air. ]
Soup cooking in large pot over fire.
Vegetable in market. Wagon for drinks, [food cart made to resemble a ship:"H.M.S"
Rope store. Shops, food for sale, brushes for sale. Street scenes.
A padlocked and barred door.
Banyan tree.
Street and market scenes.
Carpets for sale.
Studded wooden door with chain and lock [cu]
Shore scenes. Ship.
[Bollywood] Movie advertisement poster. [South Asian film, script is Arabic/Urdu]
Boat repair yard: caulking, wooden dowel boats. Chipping and caulking done by hand.
Small dugout.
Boat with thatched roof.
Repairing boats. Dry-docked wooden boat.
Crab holes.
Lumber yard; poles for sale.
Blacksmith and anvil.
Herbs drying on mats.
Two-wheeled ox-cart.
Narrow dugout.
Public laundry: a row of tubs against wall.
City: distant view.
Stick framework for hut.
Huts of mud, stick, and thatch.
Woman carrying palm stems on head.
Bearded baker with bread.
Tin smith.
Grocery. Peppers drying. Food shops. Goods on shelves, under skin canopies,etc. General scenes.
Paddling an outrigger.
Harbor: people wading to boats.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Zanzibar, Marketplaces, Bollywood, South Asian diaspora, Harbors, Arab people
Tags: Arab people | Bollywood | Harbors | Marketplaces | South Asian diaspora | Zanzibar
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