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In 1887, Penn Provost William Pepper persuaded the University Trustees to construct a building to house artifacts from the Nippur excavations (now located in modern day Iraq), thus beginning the long tradition of the Penn Museum. Loyal members and donors of the Museum who have made gifts for ten or more consecutive years are an integral part of that long tradition, and are honored by induction into The 1887 Society.

We recognize with sincere thanks the following individual Museum members and donors for the constancy of their support throughout the last decade and, in many cases, far longer.



Anonymous (2)
Elie M. Abemayor, M.D., C78, and Judith Abemayor
Anne M. and Carl Adamczyk
H. M. Addkison, Jr.
Juliet Alexander
Ann H. Allison
Lorraine H. Altrichter
Janet Kestenberg Amighi and Lawrence Davidson
Brian D. Ampolsk
Janet M. Andereck
Jean Anderson
Lloyd B. Anderson
Nathalie F. Anderson
Audrey Krauss Angelides, M.D., PAR
David Anstice and Ana-Maria Zaugg
Edith Arenas
Clara F. Armstrong, M.D., and Clay M. Armstrong, M.D.
Julia Ashbey and William N. Ashbey, W55, PAR
Wendy Ashmore, Ph.D., GR81
Barbara Auerbach
Deborah L. Augusta
Jacqueline M. Axilbund


Jo and Walter P. Babich
Mrs. Joel Bachman
Anders Back and Pam Kosty
Wendy J. Bacon, C78, GR07
Mrs. Francis J. Bagnell
Eileen Baird
Sylva C. Baker, CW52, G53, PAR
Arthur S. Baldadian, WG68, and Kathie L. Baldadian, NU68
Aaron D. Bannett, M.D., GM50, WG79, CGS07, and Joy Bannett
Margaret E. Barclay, GAR85
Kate Barnash
Mary S. Barnette, Ph.D., GR79, and William E. Barnette, Ph.D., GR80
Beth Barry and Edward Barry, GCH57
Barbara A. Bassett
Gregory W. Batker, C82, and Dr. Suet T. Lim, G89, GR92
Lisa A. Batt
Mona N. and Robert R.* Batt
Christina M. Bauers, CW68, SW82
Ellen W. Baxter and Robert W. Kavash
Lois and Robert M. Baylis
Ann M. Beal
Fay W. Beauchamp, Ph.D., GR74, and Gary K. Beauchamp, Ph.D.
Eugene W. Beier and Virginia H. Beier, HUP62, NU70
Arlyn R. Bell, WG80, and Joy Gomez-Farrow
Ronald J. Benes
Robert J. Berkovits, EE61
Allan Bernard, W53, and Nancy Stone Bernard
Dr. Linda H. Bertland, PAR
Mary A. Betancourt and Philip P. Betancourt, Ph.D., GR70
Deborah A. and Gary Bingham
Gene B. Bishop, M.D., and Andrew M. Stone, M.D.
Tom M. Blenko
Louis S. Bluver
Susan E. Bolesta and Jane Gottfried
Marcia Bosswick
Matthew N. Boulis, M.D., and Renee G. Boulis
Betsy Bowden
Harold B. Boyd, Jr.
Arnold W. Bradburd, W49, and Julia A. Bradburd, CGS07
Luther W. Brady, M.D., RES56
Philip A. Bregy, L39
Timothy J. Brennan and Hugh T. Regan
Linda Brenner and William G. Christensen
Susan J. Bridges, Ph.D., CW74
Ira Brind, Esquire, C63, L67
Dr. Robert A. Brooks and Shirley Brooks
Nancy O. Brown, V.M.D., V73, and William J. Kay, D.V.M., WAM88
Sara M. Brown, Ph.D., GRD64
Ann B. Brownlee, Ph.D., and David B. Brownlee, Ph.D.
David L. Buch, M.D., and Annemarie Clarke
Rachel B. and Richard A. Bull
Eleanor W. Bulova and Stephen Bulova, M.D.
G. Theodore and Nancie W. Burkett
Richard J. Busis, Esquire, C75, G80, PAR
Elizabeth and John Bussard
Anne C. Butcher and McBee Butcher, C61, PAR
H. Kenneth Butera and Dr. Karol M. Wasylyshyn
Beth Howland Butler and John P. Butler III, C59


David J. Califf, Ph.D.
Russell J. Cardamone, Jr., Ph.D.
Robert F. Carr
John S. Carson, M.D., M50, RES55
Lee A. Casper
Raymond C. Cassidy and Susan B. Ragonesi, M.D.
Cummins Catherwood, Jr., and Susan W. Catherwood
N. S. Cawley, M.D.
Julia L. Chapman
Charlotte T. Child
Nelly and Scott J. Childress
David T. Clancy, W70, and McCarroll Sibley Clancy
Elizabeth Spiro Clark and Warren Clark, Jr.
Theodore Clattenburg, Jr.
Joan I. Coale
Joan L. Coale
Cecily Coddington
Abbi L. Cohen, Esquire, L83, and Thomas O'Connell, Esquire, PAR
Robert M. Cohen
Barbara Coleman and Elliott Coleman, M.D.
Thomas S. Coleman
Joseph E. Colen, Jr., and Mary Leach Colen, GED68
David and Nancy Colman
Patricia Conard
Marie A. Conn, Ph.D.
Byron P. Connell, C63, and Christine V. Connell
Nancy Conner
Joanne H. Conrad, C79, and William L. Conrad, PAR
Alfred D. Cook
Roger Cooper
Donna Cooper-Winter
Adrian D. Copeland, M.D., and Ellen Copeland
Connie Copp and Jeffrey O. Copp, Ph.D., PAR
Sharon K. Corbin and Ed Spector
Sheila Cosminsky, Ph.D. and Herbert Ershkowitz, Ph.D.
Robert Coughlin, Ph.D., GR64, and Louisa H. Spottswood
Zoe Coulson
Jean E. Craig, G76
James D. Crawford, Esquire, L62, and Judith N. Dean, Esquire, CW59, L62
Mary Ann Cresswell
Niki Crits
D. Michael Crow, C68, WG70
Michael R. Csensich
Ann T. Csink and John E. Linck, Jr., PAR
Ory Cuellar
William H. Cullinan
Mary E. Cunningham
Helen I. Cunningham, G88, and Theodore T. Newbold
Mark P. Curchack, Ph.D., and Peggy L. Curchack
Elizabeth C. and Herbert S. Cutler


Jacquelyn and William Daley
Stevan B. Dana, WG76
Barbara A. Daneluzzi
Elin C. Danien, Ph.D., CGS82, G89, GR98
L. Daniel Dannenbaum, CGS07, and Katherine Hall
Dena J. Dannenberg and James L. Dannenberg, D.D.S., D48
Kristin and Robert Davidson
Charles H. Davis, W56, WG63, and Suzanne M. Davis
Colin Dawson, GAR85, and Victoria L. Dawson, CW74, PAR
Robert W. and Susan B. Denious
Bonnie C. Derr
James J. and Linda Diamond
Harold L. Dibble, Ph.D., HOM91, and Lee Dibble, PAR
Helen K. Dixon and William J. Dixon, Jr.
Edythe M.* and Robert J. Dixson
Francis J. Dollarton, Jr., WG78, and Barbara Anne Dollarton, CW63, CGS86, GGS94
Marie Donaghay
William Michael Donato
Nancy W. Donohue
Michelle Dooley and Christopher P. Kocher, C71, GEE76
A. Webster Dougherty, Jr., C57, and Janet S. Dougherty
Cathy Drelick and Richard Kozlowski
Louisa C. Dubin
Lester D. Duman
Diana and Philip Dumont
Sally Dunham


Patricia Eames and Connie Hart
Marion and Robert J. Ehrlich
Cynthia J. Eiseman, Ph.D., GR79, and James Eiseman, Jr., L66
Howard J. Eisen, M.D., M81, INT84, and Judith E. Wolf, M.D., INT84
Harrison Eiteljorg II, Ph.D., GR73, and Linda I. Weiss
Beverly Elliott
Mary E. Emore, CGS70
Helen Evelev, CGS07, and Leonard Evelev, CGS07


George and Nancy Fago
Mary J. Fallon, G81, and Daniel Kurdilla
Cynthia A. Farrell and Marvin Schatz
Michael Feng, C79, and Winnie Chin Feng, NU79, PAR
Lily Ferry and Peter C. Ferry, C79
Robert Fine, M.D., C70, and Catherine G. Fine,Ph.D., PAR
Jeanne B. Fisher, G02
Katherine M. Fisher
Laura Fisher and Ken Lockwood
Marilyn Fishman and James P. MacElderry
Dorothy P. and Richard B. Flippen, PAR
Jean Flood and Paul Nemeth
Marilyn Forney and Robert C. Forney, Ph.D., PAR
Ann P. Forsyth
Janet R. Fox and William W. Fox, Jr.
Kenneth Frank, M.D., and Susan Frank
Lisa C. Franks, G81
Frank A. Franz, Ph.D. and Judy Franz
Pamela Freyd, Ph.D., GED68, GR81, and Peter Freyd, Ph.D., PAR
Charles A. Fritz III, G68, and Margaretha C. Fritz
Mary Jane Fullam


Gerald J. Gallagher
Judith J. Gallagher and Dr. Thomas E. Gallagher
Madeleine Gardberg
Bill Garrison and Christine W. Garrison, Ph. D.
Elizabeth Gemmill, Esquire, CGS04, CGS06
Geraldine C. Gesell
Joseph Gessner, C83 and Sonia Gessner
Sonia Gilbert, PAR
Linda Gilbert-Schneider
Helen H. Gindele, CW51
Mary C. Glick, Ph.D., GR58
Dolores Gmitter and Sara Quay
Marguerite P. Goff and Stephen Goff, AR62, PAR
Barbara Wyler Gold, M.D., G70
Arlene L. Goldberg, CW64
Andrew R. Golden, W74, and Vickie G. Golden, W74, PAR
Ann W. Golden and Louis M. Golden, Jr.
Madge Goldman
Mary L. Goldman, CW58
Mary E. Golin, GED63
Criswell Cohagan Gonzalez
Mary Lou Gonzalez
Janice T. Gordon, Ph.D.
Philip A. Gordon
Janet H. Goren and Robert Goren, M.D., C73, GM81
Dr. Claire Gottlieb and Milton Gottlieb
Frederick J. Graboske
Donald C. and Ingrid A. Graham
Thomas A. Grahame, GLA68, and Marsha Lynn Grahame
Jerome M. Greenberg, W55, and Myra Bernstein Greenberg, CW60, PAR
Ann N. Greene, CW54
Judith Kramer Greene, G61, and Robert W. Greene, Ph.D., GR63
Gaye L. Greenwald
Kaaren Guenther
Linda and Roderick G. Gunn
Connie and Lowell Gustafson
Mary Bert Gutman, PAR


Barbara Ann and William J. Hagerty
Demetra J. Haines, GED01
Frances and Joseph A. Hall
Gretchen R. Hall, Ph.D., CGS97
Portia Hamilton-Sperr
Marian A. and Robert G. Hardt
W. Benson Harer, Jr., M.D., M56, RES60
Judith H. Harper
T.M. Harrigan
A. Brooks Harris, Ph.D., HOM69, and Margaret R. Harris, PAR
Barry H. Harris, M.D., and Carole Sklar, Ph.D.
Carol Ann Harris
Jacqueline Scott Harris, MU49, and John F. Harris, Jr., Ph.D., C48, GR53
Margaret V. Harris
Cynthia M. Harrison, Ph.D., GR82
Frank Harrison, Jr., M61, INT65, PAR89, and Joan Harrison, NU60, PAR89
Robert Hartmann
Donna F. and Vincent W. Hartnett
Victoria Hartung
Christie Hastings and John V. Hastings III, PAR
Arthur B. Hattler, D.D.S., D55, GD57
Gail Hauptfuhrer and Henry Hauptfuhrer IV
John W. Hayden and Mary-Jean B. Hayden, GED87, PAR
Michael P. and Suchinda Heavener
Mary Meachum Hegarty
Hannah L. Henderson
Nancy M. and William H. Henderson
Caroline Henry and William J. Henry
E.H. Hermance
Cynthia W. Hesel
Elinor A. Hewitt
Robert D. Hicks, Ph.D., and Kathleen R. Sands, Ph.D.
Celene Hilkin
Eleanor O. Hill and Robert W. Hill, AR55
Elizabeth B. Hill and Joseph J. Hill, C61, PAR
Alan and Nancy J. Hirsig
Lynda K. and W. Anthony Hitschler
Daryl Hoch and Willis Hoch, M.D.
Lisa W. and William R. Hoffman
Hon. Harris N. Hollin, CCC57, and Sandra F. Hollin, PAR
Diane L. Horan, CW74, and Peter Horan, C73, WG77
Lee C. Horne, Ph.D., GR88, and Bruce Pearson
Jacqueline W. Hover and John C. Hover II, C65, WG67
Theresa Howard-Carter, Ph.D., G54
Barbara Huber and Michel T. Huber, W53, ASC61, PAR
Edward K. Hueber, C43, and Josephine Arader Hueber, CW47, PAR
Richard W. Hurd



Josephine S. Jensen
Cheryl Jogan and M. Karen Jogan, PAR
Ray Johnston and Patricia A. Simon, CGS85
Robley J. Johnston and Lawrence Pavlik
Bill Johnstone
Christopher Jones, Ph.D., G63, GR69, and Leslie W. Jones, PAR
Elise F. Jones, G69, GR79
Helen M. Justi and Henry K. Justi, WEV60


Anne A. Kamrin and Robert P. Kamrin, M.D., M59, INT66
Dorothy G. Kapenstein, CW50
John W. Karlawish, W58, WG61
Peter F. Kasuba, GME67
Bettie F. and Randall Kehrt
Dr. Stephen T. Kelly
Carl J. and Geraldine Kijowski
Harvey and Virginia Kimmel
Richard J. King, GED75
Dale Kinney, Ph.D.
James H. Kinsman
Jay I. Kislak, W43, PAR
Gregory J. Kleiber, G80
H. Lewis Klein, C49, and Janet S. Klein, ED51, PAR
Josephine Klein
Roberta S. Klein, Ph.D.
Vida M. Klemas, CW62, PAR
Dorothy Knaus
Barbara Koelle, CW45, G46, GR81, and John Koelle
Annie A. Kohl
Gary Kolleogy and Donna Mansfield, CW73
Linda C. and William F. Koons
Robert A. Kraft, Ph.D., HOM68, PAR
Ezra S. Krendel and Janet Krendel, PAR
Donald Kriebel, AR53, and Katharine Kriebel
Evelyn S. Kritchevsky, Ph.D., GR78
George A. Kuhn, Jr.


Nancy Hill Lamason, CW58
David R. Lampe
Bette E. Landman, Ph.D.
Margaret J. Laudise, GNU87, and Derek P. Warden, C83, PAR
Erle Leichty, Ph.D.
Donald A. Leonard and Sandra Schenk Leonard
William Levant and Carol R. Yaster
Eleanor Leventhal
Steven D. Levin
Janet E. Levitt
Jerry D. Levitt, M.D., C62, M66, FEL72, and Julie M. Levitt, Ph.D., C65
Diane von Schlegell Levy and Robert M. Levy, WG74
Howard H. and Maxine S. Lewis
Larry L. Liggett and Jayne Yantz
Rachel C. Lilley, CW66
Mott R. Linn, Ph.D., C53, GRD71, and Ruth H. Linn, ED55, GED59
Barbara Lisi and Robert F. Lisi, C57
June Long and William W. Long, C48, GED52
Frank J. Loprest, Ph.D., and Jane A. Loprest, PAR
Alida N. Lovell
Sandra Lovell
Donna M. Tarantino-Loyle and John E. Loyle
Bonnie Verbit Lundy, CW67, and Joseph E. Lundy, Esquire, W65


John R. and Mary B. Mack
Donna Mackay, M.D., and Robert Mackay
Paul Maertens
David W. Maher
A. Bruce Mainwaring, C47, and Margaret R. Mainwaring, ED47, HON85, PAR
Frederick J. Manning, W69, and Gail P. Manning, PAR
Rebecca Marcus
Lawrence N. and Ronnie B. Margel, PAR
Mary Ellen Markovcy
Rudolph Masciantonio, Ph.D., G66
Lynn C. Matson
E. Ann Matter, Ph.D., HOM83
Patricia A. Mattern, CW72, G72
Barbara Matteucci, M.D., and John S. Rizzo, M.D.
Margaret Maurin, Ph.D., G88, and Albert J. Stunkard, M.D. *
Eleanore Maxman
John O. Mayes, D.M.D., D79
Marian Holland McAllister
Linda McCarthy and Thomas A. McCarthy, Jr., W78
Dr. Ann M. McCloskey
Paul W. McCloskey, C48, PAR
Joseph R. McCormick
Daniel J. McCue, C92
J. C. McCullough
Patricia McCurdy
Catherine McDonald
Anne McGhie and Andrew McGhie, Ph.D., PAR
Dorothy McHale
Carol B. and William L. McIntyre
Charles and Rania McKinley
Elizabeth Ray McLean, C78
Joan McNamara, Ph.D., GED72
Barbara W. McNerney, CW52, and William R. McNerney
Missy McQuiston and Robert E. McQuiston, CGS07
Albert B. Meador
John J. Medveckis, PAR
Donna Merchant and Bill Renner
Annette Merle-Smith
Walda C. Metcalf
Allen M. and Margaret A Metzger
Bernard and Rosa Meyers
Mary Ann D. Meyers, Ph.D., GR76, PAR
Ella Warren Miller, CW51, and Paul F. Miller, Jr., W50, HON81, PAR
Hattula Moholy-Nagy and Roger G. Schneggenburger
Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran
Donald Morel, Jr., Ph.D.
Anselene M. Morris
June S. Morse, CGS84
Martha and Peter Morse
Carlos Moya and Francisco Moya, Ph.D.
William R. Muir, M.D., INT59
A. M. Mulroney, CW57, PAR
Grace Freed Muscarella, Ph.D., CW50, GR58
Mary Alice Musser, HUP60, GNU87


Harriet S. Nash and Samuel K. Nash, Sc.D.
John B. and Shirley M. Neff, PAR
Benjamin R. and Meta B. Neilson, PAR
Linda J. Nelson, Ph.D., ED50
Scott A. Neumann
Arthur E. Newbold IV, Esquire, L67
Joseph W. Nolan and Donald Rogers
Carlos L. Nottebohm, W64, and Renee Nottebohm


Bonnie J. O'Boyle, CW68
Katheryn J. O'Connell, Ed.D., CW67, GED75, GRD87, and Lawrence O'Connell, PAR
Joseph A. O'Connor, Jr., Esquire
Albert T. Olenzak, Ph.D.
W. Gresham O'Malley III, W54


Adolf A. Paier, W60, and Geraldine Paier, Ph.D., HUP66, NU68, GNU85, GR94
Adolf A. Paier, W60, and Geraldine S. Paier, Ph.D., HUP66, NU68, GNU85, GR94
Elaine Paulson and Robert H. Paulson, Ph.D., GR73
Esther L. Payne, CGS82
Scott W. Pector
Alan W. Pense
Frank A. Pepe, Ph.D.
Charles B. Peterson III, Ph.D.
E. Reeve Peterson
M. Kate Pitcairn, CGS77, G78
George R. Pitts, Ph.D., GR77
Robert B. Platt, GR48
Gerald J. Porter, Ph.D., HOM03, and Judith Porter
Sandra B. Portnoy, CW67, and Dr. Sidney Portnoy
Janet E. Powell
Helen N. Pratt, GAR64, and Eli Pritzker
Barbara Z. Presseisen, Ph.D.
Ruth G. Preucel, PAR
Harold C. Putnam, Jr., C58, and Mary Putnam


Frances D. Quinn and John A. Quinn, Ph.D., PAR


Judy and Joseph Radano
Frances M. Rafferty
Francis B. Randall
Diana R. Rankin
Paul E. Rapp
David Rasner and Caroline Wischmann-Rasner
Christopher Ray
Kyle M. Raymond
Boyd M. Reed, C69
Paul W. Remeczki
Margaretta Richardi
Thomas O. Richey, C49
Gretchen P. Riley, CGS70, and J. Barton Riley, W70, PAR
Donna Conforti Rissman and Paul Rissman, Ph.D., C78, GR85
Barbara Rittenhouse
Anita and T. Wayne Roberts
Celia W. Roberts and Shepherd K. Roberts, Ph.D.
John M. Roberts, M.D., RES58
Joan Todd Robinette, CW51
Frances Rockwell and John R. Rockwell, W64, WG66, PAR
David Romano, Ph.D., GR81, and Irene B. Romano, Ph.D., GR80
Harold and Sue Rosenthal
Martin Rosenthal, CGS07, PAR86, and Phyllis Rosenthal
Mitchell S. Rothman, Ph.D., GR88, and Leslie M. Simon, GR80
Barbara Perna Rubin, ED55, GED76, and Lionel F. Rubin, V.M.D., C55, V58, GV65, PAR
Cynthia D. Rugart
Ernest F. and Vida Ruppe
Rocco E. Russo


Evelyn Hutton Sachs, G79, and Marvin L. Sachs, M.D., FEL57
Hugh A. Sargent, Esquire, L60
Kirsten Savinese and Stanley Savinese, Jr., D.O.
Claire Sawyers
Klare Scarborough, Ph.D.
Joseph B. and Rita P. Scheller
Helen Schenck, G81
George Warren Schiele, W53, and Joan B. Schiele
Carolyn W. Schmidt, Ph.D.
John T. Schmitt
Charles P. Schock
Alexandra Schoenberg and Eric J. Schoenberg, Ph.D., GEN93, WG93, PAR
Florence Schreibstein
Grace E. Schuler and Thomas Tauber, Ph.D.
Carolyn Talbot Seely and Malcolm H. Wiener
Joan M. Segal
Donald P. Seibert
Phyllis C. Seligsohn, ED59, and Sheldon Seligsohn, W53, PAR
Bernard and Lisa Selz
John R. Senior, M.D., M54, FEL59, and Sara Spedden Senior, CW52, PAR
Carole M. Shaffer-Koros, Ph.D., GR73
Shigeki Shakuya
Carl Shankweiler
Joseph A. Shannon
Frank C. Shaw
Phoebe A. Sheftel, Ph.D., GR74, and Roger T. Sheftel, W63, PAR
Catherine N. Shelton, Ph.D.
Elaine L. Sherman
Marciarose Shestack
Glenn E. Sickenberger, Esquire, C71
Brian J. Siegel, L83, and Lisa Siegel
Mary Ellen Simmons, O.D., C81, and Steve Simmons
Caroline M. Simon, Esquire
Georg U. Simon and Janet A. Simon, LPS08
Anne Sims
Dr. John R. Skinner
John K. Skrypak, Esquire, C79, G79
Wilma S. Slyoff, CW64, GED68
Cecil and Shirley Smith
Maria B. Smith, M.D., CW72
Rheta R. Smith
Charles Snell
Hannah P. and Ivan Snyder
Amy K. Sommer, Esquire, L77
Luther B. Sowers, Ph.D., GRD65
Ann W. Spaeth and Karl H. Spaeth, Esquire
Dr. Sandra Sparrow and Harold Wilkinson, M.D.
Anni Adelheid Speier, WEV66
Patricia L. Squire
Patricia L. Squire and Elizabeth Jean Walker, SW74
Harry A. and Helen M. Stailey
Emily W. Starr and Harold P. Starr, L57
Nancy M. Steel
Marion Stewart
McHenry Stiff III
Brian D. Stilwell
Bayard T. Storey, Ph.D., and Frances E. Storey*
Francis R. Strawbridge III and Mary Jo Strawbridge
Gaynor Strickler
Cecil L. Striker, Ph.D., and Ute Striker
Diana Stroud
Andrew J. Sullivan, Ph.D.*, G53, and Betty Sullivan
Leon C. Sunstein, Jr.
Barbara Billings Supplee
Jill Szporn and Monroe N. Szporn, M.D., C71


Lee Evan Tabas, C72, ME72, and Nancy Freeman Tabas, PAR
Roberta Tanenbaum, PAR
Brian L. and Nancy Taras
Bill Tatu
Lou Temme
Robert V. and Terri Teti
Dr. Linda C. Thiel
Martha Thomae
Edward W. Thomas
George C. Thomas, C72
Judith A. and William Jay Thomas
Philip P. Thompson, Jr., M.D., M41
Robert W. Thompson
Eve M. Thyrum and Per Thyrum, M.D., Ph.D., C59, GR63
Dr. Jon P. Tilley and Mary E. Tilley
Donald S. Todd, GED61, and Nancy C. Todd
Claire G. and Paul M. Toy
Harriet Trainor
Daniel L. Trasatti
Jeannette G. Tregoe, PAR


Marta Ullman
David C. U'Prichard, Ph.D., and Alissa U'Prichard
John R. Urofsky


Duncan W. and Elizabeth E. Van Dusen
Eva Verplanck, Ph.D.
Christina and Ian Villarreal
Sandra Vondeling


Dr. Thomas G. Waldman
Donald W. and Judith Wallace
Robert J. Wallner, M.D.
Mary Warden and William G. Warden III
Ada Warner and Frank W. Warner, Ph.D., PAR
Elsie F. Warner
Alan Warren, C58
William Wasserstrom
Helen S. Weary
Harvey M. Weidenfeld, W58, and Karen Weidenfeld, PAR
Oscar R. Weiner, M.D., C44, and Joan M. Weiner, PAR
Mrs. J. Marshall Wellborn
Joanne T. Welsh, CW52, and Raymond H. Welsh, W53
Rosamund W. Wendt, Ph.D.
James E. Wheeler, M.D. and Jenette Wheeler, M.D.
Charlotte G. White
Erlis Wickersham and John M. Wickersham, Ph.D., C64, G65
Dr. Joan Wider and Saul Wider, M.D., PAR
Mindy Widman, D.S.W., SW80, GRS85
Franklin L. Widmann
Charles K. Williams II, Ph.D., GR78, HON97
Helen P. Winston and Richard E. Winston, G48, PAR
John Ellis Knowles Wisner
Jean K. Wolf, GFA93, PAR
Arnold and Jane Wolff
Bertram and Lorle P. Wolfson
Schuy Wood and Theodore V. Wood, Jr.
David C. Woolman
Diane Dalto Woosnam and Richard E. Woosnam



Karin Lindblad Yanoff, Ph.D., G67, GR88, and Myron Yanoff, M.D., C57, M61, PAR


Laura L. Zaika, Ph.D., GR64
Sarah L. Zimmerman, Ph.D., CW42


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