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What are you passionate about? Do you enjoy seeing school groups in the galleries, vibrant new exhibitions, or hearing about our recent discoveries?

The Penn Museum is a place of continual discovery. Each year the Museum hosts an extraordinary range of research and teaching programs, with a wide roster of exhibitions and public and schools programs, in addition to stewarding a collection of over one million objects.

We know, and appreciate, that everyone is unique—we even have the labs to prove it! The Development department would like to work with you to discover ways that your contribution can be the most meaningful for students, scholars, visitors and you. Please contact us to learn where a contribution in your area of passion can have the most impact, including Learning Programs, Museum Exhibitions, and Research and Excavations.

Support Our Learning Programs

The Penn Museum has been committed to inclusivity and engagement since it was founded, offering a wide array of programs and activities for K–12 school groups, individuals, families, and special groups. Believing that the Museum can transform the way our visitors see the past, and the way in which they understand the world and their place in it, our programs offer a first interaction with a resource that we hope may become a lifelong source of information, entertainment, wonder, and belonging.


Become an Exhibition Partner

Explore our rich research heritage and extraordinary collections and unearth diverse perspectives, conveyed through remarkable objects and archival materials, compelling narratives, and engaging interactive experiences in our unique special exhibitions.


Advance New Discoveries

The Penn Museum was established in 1887 with a groundbreaking act of archaeological field research—the first American expedition to ancient Babylonia to excavate the site of Nippur (then within the Ottoman Empire, now in modern-day Iraq). Since then, the Museum has undertaken over 300 research projects throughout the world. You are invited to join us in the thrill and excitement of discovery by helping to underwrite one of more than 30 excavation projects active today!


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