Amy’s MMAP 2010 Blog: A Virtual Excavation in Laos

“I was terrified to see that our airplane actually had propellers, but the flight was surprisingly steady. The airport was right out of Fantasy Island. Even the customs and visa staff were smiling ear to ear. We met Elizabeth from the MMAP team and two other researchers and took a van into town. The drive was surreal. We were suctioned to the windows in disbelief that the views we were seeing were not on a tv screen. Colorful tuk tuks sweeping around hoards of buzzing motorbikes, women in silk skirts selling tamarind pods that look oddly scatological when heaped in a pile on a truck bed, and happy children running and giggling for no apparent reason…” Read more of Amy’s blog.

Amy is the Digital Media Developer at the Penn Museum. She accompanyed the MMAP team for the 2010 season in Luang Prabang to document the project on video and on her blog.