2013 Team

2013 Team
The MMAP 2013 Survey Team was a collaboration of U.S., Lao, British, Australian, Cambodian, Filipino, and Thai colleagues.
Andrea Borsato (Italy) Museo delle Scienze
Khammeung Boudthavixay (Laos) UNESCO Office of Cultural Heritage – Plain of Jars Division of Information and Culture, Xieng Khouang, Lao PDR
Sureeratana (Joom) Bubpha (Thailand) Lecturer, Thammasat University, Bangkok
Nattha Chuenwattana (Thailand) Archaeobotanist, University of Toronto
Silvia Frisia (Italy) University of Newcastle
Dr. Elizabeth Hamilton (USA) Researcher, University of Pennsylvania Museum
Shawn Hyla (USA) Senior Information Technology (IT) Specialist, University of Pennsylvania Museum
Dr. Kathleen Johnson (USA)Assistant Professor, Earth System Science School of Physical Sciences University of California, Irvine
Samnang Kim (Cambodia)APSARA (GIS Consultant)
Sengphone Keophanhya (Laos) National Museum, Luang Prabang
Nouphanh (Nou) Keosouda (Laos) National Museum, Luang Prabang
Bounpone Lasi (Laos)Culture Section official, Oudomxay Province
Dr. Helen Lewis (Ireland) Lecturer, University College Dublin
Rhuet (Mu) Nakchuen Archaeological Illustrator
Onchansamone (Onchan) Ninethaphone (Laos) Luang Prabang District, Office of Information and Culture
Freda Oppenheimer (United Kingdom) Oxford University
Stephen James Oppenheimer (United Kingdom) Oxford University
Kon Keo Phannasy (Laos) Artefact Protection Office, Luang Prabang Province, Department of Information and Culture
Philip Piper (United Kingdom) Australian National University, Canberra
Fredeliza Campos Piper (Philippines) Australian National University, Canberra
Sangmany Sananekhom (Laos) National Museum, Vientiane
Norseng Sayvongdouane (Laos) Technical Staff, Cultural Section, Department of Information and Culture, Luang Prabang Province
Sysouphonh Singphaseuth (Laos) National University of Laos
Souksamone (Pong) Sonethongkham (Laos) Staff, Lao National Museum, Vientiane
Khamphet Souvannalath (Laos) Lao National Museum, Vientiane
Beth Van Horn (USA)Volunteer, University of Pennsylvania Museum
Phousavanh (Phou) Vorasing (Thailand) UNESCO Office of Cultural Heritage – Plain of Jars, Xieng Khouang Peerayot Sidonrusmee UNESCO, Bangkok
Hongying Yang (China) Research Assistant, University of California, Irvine

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