Shawn Hyla


Shawn Hyla

University of Pennsylvania Museum, USA

Shawn is the Senior Information Technology (IT) Specialist at the Penn Museum. In his “spare” time, he takes classes in Physical Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. Shawn has also done archaeological fieldwork in France and Egypt and he will travel to Greece in May 2013. One day he hopes to start his own “Computers in Archaeology” company. Shawn was a team member, MMAP IT specialist and trainer during three MMAP seasons.

For MMAP’s 2013 season Shawn set-up the MMAP server with battery and data backup, established a wireless network which allowed laptops of various makes and models to connect to the MMAP database, integrated a mobile wireless internet connection allowing project laptops to get virus and Windows updates (very important), and trained Elizabeth Hamilton (Penn Museum) and Pong (Lao Team) to operate and repair various components of the server and wireless network. MMAP seasons: 2005, 2009a, 2013

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