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Mediterranean Section Curatorial records

PU-Mu. 0059

The curatorial files encompass the period from the Section's inauguration by Museum President William Pepper in 1894 to the 1970s. While the material in the Mediterranean curatorial files dates from 1895 to 1979, the bulk of the collection dates to the earlier years (1895-1949) and within that period, the majority relate to Edith Hall Dohan.

Summary Information

Creator(s)Bates, William Nickerson, 1867-1949
Daniel, J. F. (John Franklin), 1910-1948
Dohan, Edith Hall, 1877-1943
Edwards, G. Roger, 1914-2009
Luce, Stephen B.
Stevenson, Sara Yorke, 1847-1921
Young, Rodney S. (Rodney Stuart), 1907-1974
Date(s)[inclusive] 1895-1975
Call NumberPU-Mu. 0059
Physical DescriptionExtent: 2.0 Linear feet

Biography / History

In the early years of the Museum, until its administrative reorganization by G.B. Gordon in 1910, the Egyptian/Maditerranean Section was a semi-autonomous unit on the same level as the other two Sections (Babylonian, African/Other), each run by one curator who answered directly to the Museum Board of Managers. The curators often had other roles, and Board Members performed minor curatorial duties.

This Archives collection begins with the first curator of the Mediterranean Section (1894-1905), Sara Yorke Stevenson. One of the Museum's founders, she had also served as curator of the Egyptian collection since the Museum's inception in 1890. The Stevenson papers in this collection deal generally with Mediterranean curatorial matters. Other papers of Sara Yorke Stevenson may be found in the appropriate curatorial or excavation collections in the Archives (e.g., Mediterranean/Crete, Cyprus, Etruscan Tombs, Egypt).

While the material in the Mediterranean Curatorial Files dates from 1895 to 1979, the bulk of the collection dates to the earlier years (1895-1949) and within that period, the majority relate to Edith Hall Dohan. Edith Hall (married Joseph Dohan in 1915) followed S.Y. Stevenson's successor, William N. Bates (1904-1911), as curator. Due to Dohan's meticulous administration and scholarship, as well as having served two terms as curator (1911-1915; 1930-1943), the Edith Hall Dohan Archives collection is quite extensive. While Dohan's association with the Museum began with her assistance to Harriet Boyd Hawes at the Museum's excavation in Gournia (1904), this particular series covers only her curatorial years. Often, however, these papers were associated with own and/or others' work in Crete. (See: Mediterranean/Crete for related collections.) Besides her Cretan research, Dohan studied and published the University Museum's Etruscan collection in a 1942 publication, , from which much material remains (see also: Mediterranean/Italy/Etruscan Tomb Groups). Much of the Dohan series correspondence is with noted archaeologists and scholars of her day. Edith Hall Dohan died while working at her desk in the Musem on July 14, 1943.

During the first part of Edith Hall Dohan's absence from the Museum, following her marriage in 1915, Stephen B. Luce served as curator (1915-1920). From his departure in 1920 to Dohan's return in 1930, the position remained vacant, although Dohan served as volunteer consultant to the Section.

John Franklin Daniel became curator following Edith Hall Dohan's death in 1943 and served until his own untimely death in Turkey in 1948. The bulk of the papers in this series actually covers the period following his death (1949-1950: 1954), including extensive correspondence with his widow. The earlier material, especially correspondence with other archaeologists, relates to Daniel's curatorial and scholarly work. (See also: Cyprus.)

Rodney Young succeeded as Mediterranean curator (1949) following John Franklin Daniel's death, and continued to fill that position until his own death in 1974, at which time he was followed as curator by G. Roger Edwards. Spyros Iakovidis became curator after G.R. Edward's retirement in 1979. Most recent files are retained by current faculty of the Mediterranean Section (Classical Archaeology Department).

Scope and Contents

The Curatorial Files encompass the period from the Section's inauguration by Museum President William Pepper in 1894 to the 1970s.

Much of the material related to the Mediterranean Curatorial Collection will be found apart from these papers. See: oversized material (maps, drawings, etc.), photographs (check photographic prints and the negative card index), Director's Correspondence, the Book Inventory for Bound Volumes (e.g., copy-books, Bound Minutes, catalogues) and published books and articles (see especially "Publications of the University Museum, Mediterranean"; see also the Mediterranean excavation papers in the Archives.)

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Publication Information: University of Pennsylvania: Penn Museum Archives,

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Collection Inventory

Sara Yorke Stevenson (inclusive: 1895-1905)

Scope and Contents note

Papers, including correspondence and written catologues, reganding Greek and Roman collections, For other Sara Yorke Stevenson papers, see relevant papers (Egypt Director's Office) in the Archives. Arranged chronologically, except for "Correspondence regarding Collection, ..1901-1904," which is arranged topically, thereunder chronologically.

[Papers regarding collection], . 0.2 Box 1
[Correspondence regarding Collection-Arndt, Drexel, Warren, Emerson, other], 1901-1904. 0.2 Box 1
[Loans-Dr. Robert H. Lamborn], . 0.2 Box 1

William N. Bates (inclusive: 1904-1914)

Scope and Contents note

Mainly correspondencee, also financial accounts from Bates' tenure as curator. Correspondence primarily with G.B. Gordon (Museum Director) and Jane McHugh (Museum Secretary). Arranged topically. Papers in "Accounts" folder in original (topical) order.

[Correspondence] 1904-1909, . 0.2 Box 1
[Correspondence] 1910-1914, . 0.2 Box 1
[Accounts:] Woolley's excavation at Teano, Italy. Statues paid for by Mrs. Drexel [and Pozzuoli Marble], 1908-1910Box 1

Edith Hall Dohan

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, notes, reports, drawings and photographs relating both to Dohan's duties as curator, and her own archaeological research. The bulk of the collection is correspondence, primarily with the University Museum director, and with other archaeologists, very often regarding the acquisition of antiquities, and various publications. Much material from the 1930's-1940's is related to Dohan's book Italic Tomb Groups, including one box of photographic prints used in that publication. For other collections related to E.H. Dohan, see: Mediterranean/Crete/Edith Hall Dohan, and Mediterranean/Italy/Etruscan Tomb Groups. Folders in boxes arranged topically; thereunder chronologically. Papers within files chronological, except for "Correspondence, 1930-1932" which retains original (topical) order and where the correspondence in folders is arranged alphabetically, thereunder chronologically: "1912-1915 and 1910 notes," "V.I.P. Correspondence, 1927-1938." "1930's-1940's"

[Correspondence] Public Relations 1903, Box 1
[Correspondence with director] 1905-1911, Box 1
[Correspondence; G. Richter] 1906, 1911, Box 1
Edith Hall-Arndt [Algranati, Apostolakis, and Ardnt] 1907,1913,1915, Box 1
[Correspondence with McHugh] 1909-1912, Box 1
[Correspondence with director] 1910-1913, Box 1
[Correspondence, 1912-1915, 1910 notes], Box 1
[Correspondence, copy-book] 1913, Box 1
[Greek letter] 1913, Box 1
[Correspondence with director] 1922-1928, Box 2
V.I.P. Correspondence 1927-1938, Box 2
[Correspondence] 1930-1932, Box 2
[Correspondence] Cassinelli 1930, 1934-1935, Box 2
[Correspondence, Italic] 1936-1939, Box 2
Correspondence 1930's - 1940's, Box 2
[Notes] [Mediterranean Catalogue, late 1800's early 1900's], Box 2
[Notes] [Notebook: 1929, 1936, 1937, 1938], Box 2
[Notes] [Mostly Italic papers, c. 1936-c. 1943], Box 3
[Notes] [Two letters, squeezes, drawings], Box 3
[Curator's Report] Classical Section Reports 1941-1943, Box 3
[Photographd] [Eleusia], Box 3
[Photographs] [Greece and Islands-Mixed], Box 3
[Drawings] [Publication Drawings], Box 3

Stephen B. Luce (inclusive: 1915-1921)

Scope and Contents note

Primarily correspondence regarding curatorial matters (acquisition and publication of collection), especially with Museum Director G.B. Gordon and art dealers. Also included are several publication drawings. Folders in box arranged topically; thereunder chronologically. "Correspondence 1915-1921" and "C Correspondence" arranged alphabetically, thereunder chronologically; others arranged chronologically.

[Correspondence with Director] 1915-1920, Box 3
[Correspondence] 1915-1921, Box 3
"Canessa" ["C" Correspondence] 1916-1917, 1920, Box 3
[Correspondence, Copy-book] 1920, Box 3
[Drawings] [Publication Drawings], Box 3

John Franklin Daniel (inclusive: 1946-1950)

Scope and Contents note

Primarily correspondence - both Daniel's own, and that regarding and following his 1948 death (especially between Director Rainey, Secretary McHugh, and Mrs. Daniel). One file folder is archaeological correspondence between Daniel and A.J.B. Wace regarding Mycenae. Also included are curators' reports, 1946-1948. Arranged topically, thereafter chronologically.

Letters about Alice Kober 1947, Box 3
[Correspondence] 1947-1949, Box 3
Correspondence with Wace 1948, Box 3
[Correspondence] death [documents] 1948, Box 3
[Correspondence re: death] 1948-1950, 1954, Box 3
[Curator's Reports] Classical Section Reports 1946-1948, Box 3

Rodney Young

Scope and Contents note

Small portion of Young's papers (location of majority unknown). Correspondence and lists, the bulk of which is related to either the 4th International Congress for Classical Studies (1964) or the American Research Institute in Turkey. (Young's other Turkish papers will be found with the Gordion Collection.) Also included is a 1972 letter regarding Kommos, Crete and a posthumous (1976) letter regarding Young. Arranged topically, thereafter chronologically

Fourth International Congress for Classical Studies Correspondence 1964, Box 4
Fourth International Congress for Classical Studies List of Institutions and Representatives 1964, Box 4
American Research Institute in Turkey [Correspondence] 1963-1964, Box 4
American Research Institute in Turkey [Correspondence] 1967, Box 4
American Research Institute in Turkey [Correspondence] 1969-1970, Box 4
[Correspondence regarding Shaw/Crete] 1972, Box 4
[Posthumous] [Letter from C. Greenwald to O. Colburn] 1976, Box 4

G. Roger Edwards 1956,1958,1979

Scope and Contents note

One small folder containing two letters to Edwards and an invitation to the 1979 reception in honor of his promotion to full professor and full curator. Other papers presently remain in his personal possession. Papers in this folder arranged chronologically.

[Papers], Box 4


Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, catalogues, notes and other papers which relate to the Museum Mediterranean collection, but not to any one curator (loans, shows, acquistions, research, etc.). Some undated material. Arranged chronologically.

[Gifts and Loans, papers] 1893-1925, Box 4
[Classical Notes and Minoan-Mycenaean Labels], Box 4
[Lerici Vase Show] 1963-1966, Box 4
[Gifts and Loans] 1955-1958,1963,1972, Box 4


Scope and Contents note

Receipts for expenses related to the Mediterranean Section - excavations and acquistions. Arranged chronologically.

[Receipts] Classical Section Financial Records, [1 of 2] 1896-1920, Box 4
[Receipts] Classical Section Financial Records, [2 of 2] 1923-1933, Box 4