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Schuyler V. R. Cammann papers

PU-Mu. 1146

The collection of Schuyler Van Rensselaer Cammann’s papers, member of the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of Pennsylvania 1948-1982 and Associate Curator of the East Asian Collections 1948-1955, consist of 13 linear feet of correspondence; published and unpublished papers and book reviews; lectures; research notes; unpublished fiction; photographs; drawings; employment history at the University of Pennsylvania; teaching materials; and travels and tours. Professor Cammann wrote, lectured, taught, and consulted in several geographic areas (including China, Tibet, Mongolia, Japan) on such topics as textiles, carpets, art, ivory, snuff bottles, Magic Squares, and symbolism. He authored four books and hundreds of articles and reviews, and presented considerable number of lectures to various meetings, organizations and conferences.

Summary Information

Creator(s)Cammann, Schuyler V. R. (Schuyler Van Rensselaer), b. 1912
Date(s)[inclusive] 1946-1991
Call NumberPU-Mu. 1146
Physical DescriptionExtent: 13.0 Linear feet

Biography / History

Schuyler Van Rensselaer Cammann was born in New York City in 1912 and attended St. Paul's School (Long Island) and Kent School (Connecticut). He received his B.A. from Yale (1935), M.A from Harvard (1941), and Ph.D. (1949) from John Hopkins, where he studied under Owen Lattimore. Both the M.A. and Ph.D. were in Asian History. From 1935 to 1941 he taught English in the Yale-in-China program, and served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy during World War II stationed in Washington D. C., western China and Mongolia. In 1948 Cammann joined the faculty of the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of Pennsylvania where he remained until his retirement in 1982. From 1948 till 1955 he was Associate Curator of the East Asian Collections for the University Museum. During his tenure at the museum he was a member of excavation teams at Gordion (Turkey) and Kunduz (Afghanistan). Also during that time he was a member of the panel for the popular T.V. program "What in the World" (1951–55). Important professional organization positions included Vice-President of the American Oriental Society and editor of its journal; President of the Philadelphia Anthropological Society and Philadelphia Oriental Club; fellow of the American Learned Societies and the American Anthropological Association.

Professor Cammann wrote, lectured, taught, and consulted in several geographic areas (including China, Tibet, Mongolia, Japan) on such topics as textiles, carpets, art, ivory, snuff bottles, magic squares, and symbolism. He authored four books and numerous articles and reviews, and presented considerable number of lectures to various meetings, organizations and conferences. After his retirement he continued to write as well as conduct several tours in Asia.

Schuyler Van Rensselaer Cammann died in an auto accident near his summer home in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire on September 10, 1991.

Scope and Contents

The records consist of 13 linear feet of correspondence; published and unpublished papers and book reviews; lectures; research notes; unpublished fiction; photographs; drawings; employment history at the University of Pennsylvania; teaching materials; and travels and tours.

The materials were received from Cammann’s widow, and were stored in the basement of the University of Pennsylvania Library for about ten years. The files as received were largely unorganized, and the arrangement of this record group was completed by the Archive’s staff. The Publications and Research series were left mainly as found, but for the other series the Archives established a more consistent order than originally present. Whenever possible the titles of the original folders were retained.

The materials are divided into seven series: correspondence, personal, publications, research, travel/tours, and visual records.

Related materials can be found in Asian Section Records, Biographical Files, Portrait Collection, and What in the World Television Program.

Administration Info

Publication Information: University of Pennsylvania: Penn Museum Archives, 7/2009

Finding Aid Author: Finding aid prepared by L. Rosen

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Published Articles

“About the Japanese language” From the November 1943 issue of American Radio Relay League, West Hartford, Conn. [Not in contained files.]

"Acquiring merit in Lama lands” 14.2 (1949) 3-19 [Not in contained files.]

“America's trade with Canton, 1784-1844” William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California, Los Angeles, (1977) 31-78

“Ancient symbols in modern Afghanistan” 2 (1957) 5-34

“The animal style art of Eurasia” 17.2 (1958) 232-239 [Not in contained files.]

“Archaeological evidence for Chinese contacts with India during the Han Dynasty” 5.1 (1956) 5-34

“Aspects of Persian rug symbolism”, Sheffield City Art Galleries, Sheffield, England. 1976. 23-32

“Avorio e osso” 2 (1959) 258-263

“Bactrian nickel and Chinese bamboo” 62.4 (1962) 92-94

“The Bactrian nickel theory” 62.4 (1958) 411-414

“The bell that lost its voice” 57 (Dec.,1946) 186-188

"Bibliographic notes on Tibet” (1961) New York 253-257 [Not in contained files.]

“Birds and animals as Ming and C´hing badges of rank” 21.3 (1991) 88-94

“Buddhism in the life of Yunnan” American Red Cross Town Club, Yunnan, China (1945) 48-51

“Carvings in walrus ivory” 18.3 (1954) 3-31

“Chess with Mongolian lamas” 55.9 (1946) 407-411

“The Ch'iang people of Western Szechuan: the miscalled 'West China Jews'” 3 (1990) 64-88

“China's new road to the sea : a first-hand report of the remarkable highway from Yunnan to Burma, by a man who traveled it while under construction” (March, 1939) 125-127

“Chinese belt toggles.” (new series) 7.2 (1962) 72-78

“Chinese carvings in hornbill ivory” 5.3 (1951) 393-399

“Chinese court and dragon robes” (Dec., 1950) 206, 220

“Chinese 'Églomisé' snuff-bottles” 3.3 (1957) 84-89

“Chinese hexagrams, trigrams, and the binary system” 135.4 (1991) 576-589

“Chinese impressed gourds reconsidered” (new series) 10.4 (1964) 217-224

“Chinese influence in colonial Peruvian tapestries” Journal 1.3 (1964) 21-34

"Chinese inside-painted snuff bottles and their makers” 20 1-2 (1957) 295-326 [Not contained in files.]

“The Chinese and Japanese indexes to F. D. Lessing’s Lamaist Iconography of the Yung-ho-gung Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Ind. (1966) 4-11 [Not contained in files.]

“Chinese mandarin squares” 17.3 (1953) 5-44

“Chinese mirrors and Chinese civilization” Archaeology 2.3 (1949) 114-117 [Not contained in files.]

“Chinese snuff bottles as viewed by some old Chinese scholars. Part I” (12.2), 1980. 4-7

“Chinese snuff bottles as viewed by some old Chinese scholars, Part II” 12.4 (1980) 10-12, 35

“A Chinese soapstone carving from Yucatan American” 18.1 (1952) 68-69 [Not contained in files.]

“A Chinese textile in seventeenth century Spain” 1.4 (1965) 57-62

“Ch'ing Dynasty 'mandarin chains' (17.2), 1985. 15-19 [also appears in Ornament 4.1 (1979) 25-29]

“Christopher the Armenian and the three princes of Serendip” 4.3 (1967) 229-258

“Cosmic symbolism on carpets from the Sanguszko group” P. Chelkowski (Editor), University Press New York. (1974). 181-208

“Cosmic symbolism on the dragon robes of the Ch'ing Dynasty” (February, 1948) 126-129

“Costume in China, 1644 to 1912” 75.326 (1979) 2-19

“Costume” 4 (1961) 27-29

“The cult of the jamb-iya : dagger wearing in Yemen” 19.2 (1977) 27-34

“The development of the mandarin square” 8.2 (1944) 71-130

“The eight trigrams : variants and their uses” 29.4 (1990) 301-317

“Embroidery techniques in Old China” 16 (1962) 16-39

“The evolution of magic squares in China” 80.2 (1960) 116-124

“Exhibit of the month” 58.3 (1956) 540-543

“The four great kings of heaven, Part II” 16, series A (1945) 78-84

“Glimpses of the Lama religion in Tibet and Mongolia” 14.2 (1949) 3-33

“Imperial dragon robes of the later Ching” 3.1 (1950) 7-16

“In memoriam: Helen Burwell Chapin” 70. 3 (1950) 189-191

“In memoriam: Carl Schuster” 3.3 (1972) 2-4

“The interchange of east and west” The Philomathean Society of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia (1959) 3-28

“The interplay of art, literature, and religion in Safavid symbolism” (1978) 124-136

“Islamic and Indian magic squares, Part I” 8.3 (1969) 181-209

“Islamic and Indian magic squares, Part II” 8.4 (1969) 271-299

“Ivory carving. II”, (1967) 813-815

“Jewelry from a bird” (July,1954) 34-36

“En kinesisk malning fran Ming-dynastin” (1965) 27-45

“The lion and grape patterns on Chinese bronze mirrors” 16 (1953) 265-291

“The magic square of three in old Chinese philosophy and religion” 1.1 (1961) 37-80

“Magic square” (1969) 573-575

“Magical and medicinal woods in old Chinese carvings” 74.292 (1961) 116-125

“The making of dragon” vol. xl, livr. 4-5 (1951?) 297-321

“Meaning in Oriental rugs” Exchange (January/February, 1978) 31-36

“A Ming Dynasty pantheon painting” 18 (1964) 38-46

“Ming festival symbols” 7 (1953) 66-70

“Ming Mandarin squares” 4.4 (1977) 5-14

“Mongol costume: historical and recent” 23 (1963) 157-166

“New light on Huc and Gabet : their expulsion from Lhasa in 1846” 1.4 (1942) 348-363

“Notes on ivory in Hawaii” 63.2 (1954) 133-140

“Notes on the development of Mandarin squares: some newly discovered Ming textiles” (1942) 96-98

“Notes on the origin of Chinese Kesi tapestry” 20.8 (1989) 74-81

“Notes on two Tibetan crystal masks” 4 (1939) 36-37 [Not contained in files.]

“Old Chinese badges of rank” (July, 1954) 56-57, 60

“Old Chinese Magic Squares” 8.1 (1962) 12-51

“Old Chinese Mandarin squares” (April, 1954) 48-49

“Old symbols of cosmology” 7.2 (1990) 38-45

“On the Declaration of Modern Temple in Taiwan and Hong Kong” 87.1 (1967) 22-32

“On the decoration of Modern Temples in Taiwan and Hong Gong” 88.4 (1968) 785-790 [Not contained in files.]

“Oriental ivory carvings: China and Japan” Encyclopedia Britannica 12 (1958-73) 843-845

“The origin of the trigram circles in ancient China” Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Östasiaska Museet), Stockholm No. 62 (1990) 187-211

“Origins of Japanese tattooing” (83.4) (1974) Letters [Not contained in files.]

“Origins of the court and official robes of the Ch'ing Dynasty” 12. 3 (1959) 189-201

“Other Mandarin Squares: Korean, Anamese, and Unfamiliar Examples” (March-April, 1992) 115-126.

“The Panchen Lama's visit to China in 1780 : an episode in Anglo-Tibetan relations” 9.1 (1949) 3-19

“The paradise of Bhaishajyaguru” series 6, 5 (1944) 283-298

“Paradox' in Persian carpet patterns” 1.3 (1978) 250-257

“Presentation of dragon robes by the Ming and Ch'ing court for diplomatic purposes” 3.3 (1953) 193-202

“A prince of the Lama Church” University Museum Bulletin 14.2 (1949) 19-32 [Not contained in files.]

“A rare "jade book" : a Manchu emperor's edict carved on panels of jade” 22.3 (1980) 27-33

“A rare Ming textile in Sweden” 17 (1963) 33-37

“A rare Tang mirror” 9.2 (1946) 92-114

“Rebus” (1967) 21

“Religious symbolism in Persian art” 15.3 (1976) 193-208

“Remembering again : the life and work of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy” 3.2 (1978) 84-91

“The renewed attempt to revive the Bactrian Nickel theory” 62.1 (1962) 92-94

“A reply to Robert Hillenbrand’s review article, 'Recent work in Islamic iconography'” Oriental Art new series, 25.2 (1979) 267-268 [Not contained in files.]

"A robe of the Ch'ien-Lung Emperor” 10 (1947) 9-19

“Short history of Yunnan” Red Cross Town Club, Kunming China (1945) 36-40

“Some early Chinese symbols of duality” 24.3 (1985) 215-254

“Some strange Ming beasts” new series, 2.3 (1956) 94-102

Mal¨mo Museum Sweden (1974).

“The story of hornbill ivory” 15.4 (1950) 18-47

“A student's view of Coomaraswamy” (S. Durai Raja Singam, Editor) Kuantan, Malaya (1952) 17

“Substance and symbol in Chinese snuff bottles, part I” 8.1 (1976) 3-11

“Substance and symbol in Chinese snuff bottles, part II” 8. 2 (1976) 14-22

“Suggested origin of the Tibetan mandala paintings” 8.2 (1950) 107-119

“Symbolic expressions of Yin-Yang philosophy” (C. LaBlanc and S. Blader, eds.) Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong (1987) 101-116.

“Symbolic meanings in Oriental rug patterns” 3.3 (1972) 5-54

“Symbolism in carpets” New York (1985) 36-41

“The symbolism in Chinese rug patterns” (Abstract of delivered paper) Washington, D.C. (1980) 11-12 [Not contained in files.]

“The symbolism of the cloud collar motif” 33.1 (1951) 1-9

“Symbols in Chinese art and architecture” American Red Cross Embassy Club Peiping Press Peiping, China (1946) 99-105

“Symbols in Yunnan art and architecture” American Red Cross Town Club, Kunming, China [1945]. 56-63

“The systematic study of oriental rugs: techniques and patterns” 95.2 (1975).248-260

“Temples in the clouds” lxxviii, no. 5 (1942) 5-8, 37-38.

“Ten tours around Kunming” American Red Cross Town Club Kunming, China (1945) 12-35

“Tibetan monster mask” 12,Series A (1940) 9-19

“A Tibetan painting in the Freer Gallery : The paradise of Bhaisajyaguru” 25 (May, 1944) 283-298 [Not contained in files.]

“The "TLV" pattern of cosmic mirrors of the Han Dynasty” 68.4 (1948) 159-167

“Toggles and toggle-wearing” 16.4 (1960) 463-475.

“Two rare Ming textiles” (new series) 10 .3 (1964) 2-7

“Types of symbols in Chinese art” 55 .5 (1953) 195-231

Collection Inventory


Scope and Contents note

A diverse series of letters to and from friends, colleagues, publishers, Museums, organizations, and those seeking expert advice. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

Aa to Ai, Box 1
Am to At, Box 1
American Museum of Natural History, 1946-1981Box 1
Arts of Asia (Journal), 1990-1991Box 1
Ba to Bea, Box 1
Bed to Bet, Box 1
Bio to Bow, Box 1
Boy to Bu, Box 1
Black, Kay, 1988-1991Box 1
Bodde, Derk, 1947-1987Box 1
Carpenter, Edmund, 1974Box 1
Cox, John, 1952Box 1
Ca to Cha, Box 1
Che to Cur, Box 2
Da to Den, Box 2
Des to Dod, Box 2
Doh to Dye, Box 2
E, Box 2
Editors, letters to [General], Box 2
Ettinghausen, Richard, 1948Box 2
Encyclopedia Britannica, 1947-1964Box 2
Encyclopedia Britannica, re: Magic Squares, Box 2
Fa to Fis, Box 2
Fit to Fu, Box 3
Gak to God, Box 3
Gon to Gy, Box 3
Goodrich, L. Carrington, Box 3
Graham, Victor E., Box 3
Haa to Hay, Box 3
Hea to Hut, Box 3
Hillebrand, Bruce (1958 or prior – 1990), Box 3
I, Box 3
J, Box 3
Ka-Ken, Box 3
Ker to Kit, Box 3
Kla to Kra, Box 3
Kre to Ku, Box 3
Lac to Lay, Box 4
Lee to Let, Box 4
Les to Lin, Box 4
Lip to Lyle, Box 4
Lattimore, Owen, 1949Box 4
Leventhal, Dennis [1 of 2], 1971Box 4
Leventhal, Dennis [2 of 2], 1985Box 4
Mab to Mal, Box 4
Mar to Men, Box 4
Mac, Mc, Box 4
Mer to Mor, Box 4
Mos to My, Box 4
Metal Horse Press, 1989Box 4
Moran, Pat, 1973Box 4
Montclair Art Museum, 1964Box 4
N, Box 4
Needham, Wes, 1944

*See also Needham and Olson correspondence.

Box 5
O, Box 5
Olson, Eleanor, 1946

*See also Needham and Olson correspondence.

Box 5
Pai to Pet, Box 5
Phi to Pry, Box 5
Princeton University Press [re: Trade Through the Himalayas], 1949-1979Box 5
Publishers [re: Cammann publications], Box 5
Q, Ra to Reed, Box 5
Rees to Rhi, Box 5
Ric to Rol, Box 5
Rom to Rye, Box 5
Ronald Press [re: Land of the Camels], 1949Box 5
Recommendations, Box 5
Sa to Sco, Box 6
See to Slo, Box 6
Smi to Sta, Box 6
Ste to Sz, Box 6
Sheeks, Jane, 1987-1991Box 6
Shepherd, Dorothy G. [The Cleveland Museum of Art], 1952Box 6
Societies, Professional, Box 6
T, Box 6
Tibetan Trade Delegation, 1948

*See also Tibetan Trade Delegation correspondence.

Box 6
U to V, Box 6
University of Pennsylvania Press (re: Chinese Toggles), 1960Box 6
Wae to Wer, Box 6
Wes to Wur, Box 6
Wadsworth Atheneum, 1980Box 6
Y to Z, Box 6
Aa to Ai
Aagaard-Henriksen, Merete, Box 1
Aberle, David F., Box 1
Adams, Charles J., Box 1
Adams, Monni, Box 1
Adamison, Dorothea, Box 1
Adelman, Fred, Box 1
Aga-Oglu, Kamer, Box 1
Agee, Ann, Box 1
Aiken, Pauline, Box 1
Alexander, Florence, Box 1
Alexander, Kathie, Box 1
Allen, Edwin Brown, Box 1
Allens, Max, Box 1
Allouche, Adel, Box 1
Altan, Sanje, Box 1
Am to At
Ameisenovia, Sofia, Box 1
American Philosophical Society, Box 1
Andrews, John H., Box 1
Anthony, David F., Box 1
Ashman, Philip, Box 1
Atlanta Cutlery, Box 1
Atterbury, Daisy, Box 1
Ba to Bea
Babcock, Charlotte G., Box 1
Bach, Otto, Box 1
Backus, Charles, Box 1
Balamuth, Lewis, Box 1
Baldinger, Wallace S., Box 1
Bansiddhi, Banchop, Box 1
Baranski, Heinz, Box 1
Barnes, Barbara, Box 1
Barton, Don, Box 1
Bass, George, Box 1
Bates, Barbara J, Box 1
Bates, B. S., Box 1
Bauer, J. Lewis, Box 1
Baughman, Mrs., Box 1
Bauman, Lynn, Box 1
Beach, Milo C., Box 1
Beal, Ed, Box 1
Beard, Michael, Box 1
Beatie, Russel H., Box 1
Bed to Bet
Bedini, Silvio A., Box 1
Begley, Wayne, Box 1
Benedict, Larry, Box 1
Benningson, Susan, Box 1
Berczeller, Emery, Box 1
Berer, Steve, Box 1
Berglund, Lars, Box 1
Betsch, Will, Box 1
Bio to Bow
Bianchi, Bib, Box 1
Bidev, Paule, Box 1
Bieber, Catherine (a.k.a. Bibali), Box 1
Bierman, Irene, Box 1
Bigelow, L. G., Box 1
Bird, Junius B., Box 1
Birely, William C., Box 1
Bishop, Willard E., Box 1
Bishop, Jack, Box 1
Bivar, David, Box 1
Block, Marguerite, Box 1
Bloom, Myrna, Box 1
Bouquet, Bert, Box 1
Borghero, G., Box 1
Borhegy, Stephan F., Box 1
Bowering, Gerhard, Box 1
Boy to Bu
Boyer, Martha, Box 1
Boyles, Jeannine D., Box 1
Bragdon, Patricia, Box 1
Bramhall, H. K. (Tess), Box 1
Brouen, Martin, Box 1
Brisch, Klaus, Box 1
Bruchner, Geraldine, Box 1
Brunei, Sultan of, Box 1
Bryan, Edwin H., Box 1
Bunker, Emmy C. (Mrs. John), Box 1
Burch, Marjorie, Box 1
Bushnell, G. H. S., Box 1
Bushnell, Raymond, Box 1
Ca to Cha
Cadoux, Aldyth M., Box 1
Cahill, James, Box 1
Cahill, Suzanne, Box 1
Caley, Earle R., Box 1
Campbell, Joseph, Box 1
Canby, Jeany Vorys, Box 1
Capon, Edmund, Box 1
Carter, George F., Box 1
Cassal, Jean-Marie, Box 1
Casson, Lionel, Box 1
Caton, Steven, Box 1
Cavallo, Adolph S., Box 1
Chang, Kevin, Box 1
Chang, Kwang-chih, Box 1
Chang, Nancy, Box 1
Chapin, Helen B., Box 1
Charleston, R. J., Box 1
Charney, Len, Box 1
Chavasse, Ruth, Box 1
Che to Cur
Chenciner, Bob, Box 2
Chiang Yee, Box 2
Chiu, A. Kai'ming, Box 2
Clarke, A. G., Box 2
Closuit, Ernest, Box 2
Colby, William Edward, Box 2
Congdon, William H. C., Box 2
Connoisseur, The, Box 2
Conway, William E., Box 2
Conze, Edward, Box 2
Coon, Carleton S., Box 2
Cooney, John D., Box 2
Copeland, Paul W., Box 2
Corrigan, Byron M., Box 2
Constantin, Jillian, Box 2
Coxe, Anges N., Box 2
Cranstone, B. A. L., Box 2
Crosby, A. S. B., Box 2
Crowe, Ann Glenn, Box 2
Cummings, Joseph J., Box 2
Curtis, Emily Byrne, Box 2
Da to Den
Daly, Mary Julia, Box 2
Danowski, Hlen K., Box 2
David, Mlle., Box 2
Davidson, George, Box 2
Davis, Robert Tyler, Box 2
Davis, Sandra J. W., Box 2
Dawkins, W. H., Box 2
Day, Cyrus L., Box 2
Day, Florence, Box 2
Dean, Stephanie, Box 2
de Mazia, V., Box 2
Denny, Walter, Box 2
Denver Art Museum, Box 2
Des to Dod
DeSau, George T., Box 2
Deshares, Ruth, Box 2
Detroit Institute of Arts, Box 2
de Unger, E., Box 2
Devendra, D. T., Box 2
Devitt, C., Box 2
Dhani, Prince, Box 2
Diament, Ann Lewin, Box 2
Dickie, James, Box 2
Disinger, Foster, Box 2
Dockray, Brenda, Box 2
Dodd, Erica, Box 2
Dodge, Ernest, Box 2
Doh to Dye
Dohrenwend, Doris, Box 2
Donegan, Horace W. B., Box 2
Dorner, Alexander, Box 2
Dougherty, Tim, Box 2
Dresden, Mark, Box 2
Dubose, Jean Pierre, Box 2
Dubs, Homer, Box 2
Duff, Rodger, Box 2
Dunham, Lydia R., Box 2
Duprey, William G., Box 2
Dye, Dan, Box 2
Earle, Walter K., Box 2
Eberhard, W. G., Box 2
Eckholm, Gordon, Box 2
Eisenhart, L. P., Box 2
Eliade, Mircea, Box 2
Elisseeff, Serge, Box 2
Elliot, Pierre, Box 2
Elliott, J. H., Box 2
Ellowitz, S. M., Box 2
Ellis, Charles Grant, Box 2
Embrey, Ron, Box 2
Enderlein, Volkmar, Box 2
Eng, E., Box 2
Engelbrecht, Beate, Box 2
England, J. Martin, Box 2
Eno, Robert, Box 2
Erikson, Marianne, Box 2
Esin, Emel, Box 2
Evans, Elaine A., Box 2
Evans, E., Box 2
Fa to Fis
Fairbank, John King, Box 2
Farquhar, David M., Box 2
Farrington, A. J., Box 2
Farrior, John M., Box 2
Fenton, Alfred H., Box 2
Ferenczy, L., Box 2
Fernald, Helen, Box 2
Finkel, Caroline, Box 2
Fischer, Katrina S., Box 2
Fischer, Klaus, Box 2
Fischer, Henry C., Box 2
Fischer, Nora, Box 2
Fit to Fu
Fitch, Robert F., Box 3
Fitzgerald, Patrick, Box 3
Fletcher, Rachel, Box 3
Forbes, H. A. Crosby, Box 3
Ford, John G., Box 3
Ford, Elanor, Box 3
Foster, James W., Box 3
Fowler, M., Box 3
Fraad, Irma L., Box 3
Franke, Herbert, Box 3
Fraser, Douglas, Box 3
French, John H., Box 3
Frost, J. William, Box 3
Fuller, Frederick T., Box 3
Gak to God
Gonick, Gloria D., Box 3
Goodman, H. W., Box 3
Goodrich, Chauncey S., Box 3
Goodyear, Jessica, Box 3
Gordon, Atoinette, Box 3
Graham, Charles I., Box 3
Granacher, Madeleine, Box 3
Graves, Mortimer, Box 3
Gray, Basil, Box 3
Gray, William B., Box 3
Green, Dick, Box 3
Green, Jeremy, Box 3
Green, Martin, Box 3
Gon to Gy
Goldhaft, Tevis M., Box 3
Gregorian, Vartan, Box 3
Grelle, Ruth, Box 3
Grice, Dorothy A., Box 3
Griswold, Alexander B., Box 3
Grove, Lee E., Box 3
Grundy, A. Hull, Box 3
Gunther, Erna, Box 3
Gwin, David M., Box 3
Gyllensvard, Bo, Box 3
Haa to Hay
Haas, Steven, Box 3
Hall, John, Box 3
Hamburger, Marilyn, Box 3
Paul, Box 3
Hansen, Henny Harald, Box 3
Hansford, S. Howard, Box 3
Harding, L. E., Box 3
Harrisson, Tom, Box 3
Harter, J. Burton, Box 3
Hartman, Joan, Box 3
Harlin, Michael, Box 3
Haskins, John, Box 3
Hayes, Forrest, Box 3
Hayfield, J., Box 3
Hea to Hut
Heathcote, Nora K., Box 3
Hefford, Wendy, Box 3
Heine-Geldern, Robert, Box 3
Hemphill, Rod, Box 3
Henricks, Bob, Box 3
Hepburn, Charles J., Box 3
Hertzer, Dominique, Box 3
Heston, Wilma, Box 3
Hillmann, Michael C., Box 3
Hine, Lela Marshall, Box 3
Hoag, John D., Box 3
Hodges, Elizabeth Jamison, Box 3
Shep, Box 3
Holmes, Lisbet, Box 3
Hoopes, Thomas, Box 3
Horne, David, Box 3
Hummel, Arthur W., Box 3
Hummel, Siegbert, Box 3
Hutchins, Francis S., Box 3
Irwin, John, Box 3
Isard, Bertram, Box 3
Johnson, (Mrs.), Box 3
Johnson, Marvin & Mary, Box 3
Jakway, Jackie, Box 3
Fred, Box 3
Johnson, David Torbet, Box 3
Johnson, Joseph, Box 3
Johnson, Shirley Z., Box 3
Jones, H., Box 3
Jordan, Bart, Box 3
Jung, C. G., Box 3
Kalmbacher, George, Box 3
Karend, Amanda, Box 3
Kates, George, Box 3
Kajitani, Nobuke, Box 3
Keane, John, Box 3
Keller, Jean, Box 3
Keller, Martha (Mrs. Robert B.), Box 3
Kennedy, A. D., Box 3
Kennedy, Charles Edward, Box 3
Kennedy, John & Sylvia, Box 3
Kent, Art, Box 3
Kent School, Box 3
Ker to Kit
Kerr, George H. (Jack), Box 3
Keshishian, Harold, Box 3
King, Edward S., Box 3
Kingman, Donna, Box 3
Kirk, Page, Box 3
Kirkham, Tina, Box 3
Kitagawa, Joseph M., Box 3
Kla to Kra
Klausen, Arne Martin, Box 3
Klein, Jerome R., Box 3
Kline, Eleanor, Box 3
Klinger, Tony, Box 3
Kloss, Barbara, Box 3
Kobylinski, Hanna, Box 3
Koff, Mildred, Box 3
Kohler, Ellen, Box 3
Kolbe, Jim, Box 3
Konig, Hans, Box 3
Koppel, Barbra-June, Box 3
Kracke, E. A., Box 3
Krader, Lawrence, Box 3
Kramrisch, Stella, Box 3
Kre to Ku
Kreuger, Ann (Mrs. Carl), Box 3
Krieger, Mark, Box 3
Krotkoff, Herta, Box 3
Krueger, John R., Box 3
Krumboldt, W. M., Box 3
Kuhn, (Dr.), Box 3
Kukachka, B. Francis, Box 3
Kay, Box 3
Lac to Lay
Lach, Donald F., Box 4
Lachman, Charles, Box 4
Ladd, Daniel, Box 4
Landolt, Hermann, Box 4
Lang, (Mrs.), Box 4
Langenstien, Box 4
Lantz, David M, Box 4
Larson, F. A., Box 4
Larsen, Helge, Box 4
Lawton, Thomas, Box 4
Layard, John, Box 4
Lee to Let
Lee, George J., Box 4
Leeper, Arthur Aldin, Box 4
Legge, Christopher C., Box 4
Legget, William F., Box 4
Don, Box 4
Howard, Box 4
Leiser, Gary, Box 4
Les to Lin
Le Scour, P. M., Box 4
Letcher, J. S., Box 4
Levitin, K., Box 4
Levy, Edwin, Box 4
Lewis, Willmarth Sheldon, Box 4
Li, H. L., Box 4
Li, June (Mrs. Simone), Box 4
Library of Congress, Box 4
Lindstrom, Marta, Box 4
Lip to Lyle
Lipschitz, Jacques, Box 4
Lipsey, Roger, Box 4
Liu, Robert K, Box 4
Lo, Isabella, Box 4
Loo, Michael, Box 4
Lorentz, H. A., Box 4
Lubo-Lesnichenko, E., Box 4
Lyle, Emily, Box 4
Mab to Mal
Mabbott, T., Box 4
Macecevich, Ivan, Box 4
Mack, Gerry P., Box 4
Mackie, Cynthia, Box 4
Louise, Box 4
Mackiernan, Mary (Mrs. Douglas), Box 4
Mailey, Jean, Box 4
Mair, Victor, Box 4
Major, John S., Box 4
Mallory, Frank L., Box 4
Mallowan, M. E. L., Box 4
Mar to Men
Marder, David, Box 4
Marks, Edith, Box 4
Marsdin, Stella, Box 4
Marshall, Donald Stanley, Box 4
Martin, Richard E., Box 4
Mason, John, Box 4
Matzkin, Ruth, Box 4
Mayer, Isabel, Box 4
Mayer, J. Gerald, Box 4
Mayer, K. P., Box 4
Mayer, Marian S., Box 4
Medley, Margaret, Box 4
Melchers, Bernd, Box 4
Mehura, P. L., Box 4
Mende, Robert, Box 4
Menzies, Sheila and Arthur, Box 4
Mac, Mc
MacDonald, John, Box 4
MacDonald, Nelson, Box 4
MacLean, J. Arthur, Box 4
MacSwiggan, Amelia, Box 4
McBride, K., Box 4
McCarty, Stewart, Box 4
McClure, (Mrs.), Box 4
McGonagle, William A., Box 4
Mer to Mor
Merlinger, Beth, Box 4
Meyr, Paul W., Box 4
Michael, Franz, Box 4
Mickey, Portia, Box 4
Miles, George, Box 4
Miller, Al and Maria, Box 4
Miller, J. Lane, Box 4
Miller, P. S., Box 4
Mills, George, Box 4
Mohler, Harry A., Box 4
Montell, G., Box 4
Moon, William Least Heat, Box 4
Monaco, The Prince of, Box 4
Moor, Arthur, Box 4
Moore, Charles, Box 4
Moore, Fred, Box 4
Moore, Marianna, Box 4
Morgan, Charles, Box 4
Don, Box 4
Mooris, (Dr.), Box 4
Mos to My
Moss, Hugh, Box 4
Mostel, Raphael I., Box 4
Motsch, C. P., Box 4
Moule, A. C., Box 4
Moyne, Ernest J., Box 4
Maya, Box 4
Mulder, W. Z., Box 4
Mullin, Russel B., Box 4
Multhauf, Robert P., Box 4
Murry, Don, Box 4
Murphey, Rhoads, Box 4
Myers, Diana, Box 4
Myers, Charlotte, Box 4
Naim, C. M., Box 4
Nasr, Seyyed Hossein, Box 4
National Museet, Box 4
Natlayothim, Kai, Box 4
Nauert, Charles G., Box 4
Needham, Rodney, Box 4
Neergaard, William B., Box 4
Nichelson, Deborah, Box 4
Nivison, David, Box 4
Norman, Dorothy, Box 4
Norton, (Mrs.), Box 4
Ochser, Robert, Box 5
Odell, Otis, Box 5
Oliver, James A., Box 5
Olschki, Leonard, Box 5
Ongain, Jane, Box 5
Opie, James, Box 5
Orgel, Primrose, Box 5
Marjorie, Box 5
O'Shaughnessy, John L., Box 5
Pai to Pet
Paine, Robert T., Box 5
Palm, Harry, Box 5
Palmer, Spencer, Box 5
Paquin, Gerard A., Box 5
Pardee, Dorothy B., Box 5
Parshall, G. Burton, Box 5
Pauly, Sarah Buie, Box 5
Paynter, Ramond A., Box 5
Peguin, Gerend, Box 5
Pentland, Lord and Lady, Box 5
Pere, John, Box 5
Perry, John N., Box 5
Peters, Heather A., Box 5
Peterson, James W., Box 5
Phi to Pry
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Box 5
Philadelphia Commercial Museum Exhibition and Convention Halls, Box 5
Plumer, James M., Box 5
Poling, Clark V., Box 5
Ponsolle, Patrick, Box 5
Poole, Earl L., Box 5
Pope, John, Box 5
Porada, Edith, Box 5
Posell, Greg, Box 5
Powell, Luke, Box 5
Priest, (Mr.), Box 5
Pryke, Martin, Box 5
Q, Ra to Reed
Quien, Clara, Box 5
von Rague, Beatrix, Box 5
Rahder, Johannes, Box 5
Rainier, H. H. Prince, Box 5
Rajapakshe, C. A., Box 5
Ramshaw, Gail, Box 5
Rand, Oscar, Box 5
Randall, Dorothy, Box 5
Randall, Frances B., Box 5
Rathburn, S., Box 5
Ray, Dorothy Jean, Box 5
Rayner, John, Box 5
Read, Benjamin H., Box 5
Read, Gerald H., Box 5
Redd, Robert E., Box 5
Reed, Gertrude, Box 5
Reed, Peter, Box 5
Rees to Rhi
Reese, Alexander S., Box 5
Reese, Frances, Box 5
Reese, Willis, Box 5
Reid, R. D., Box 5
Reinis, R. D., Box 5
Reischauer, Edwin O., Box 5
Remer, Theodore G., Box 5
Revere, (Mrs.), Box 5
Reynolds, Valrae, Box 5
Rhicard, Kenneth O., Box 5
Ric to Rol
Rich, John F., Box 5
Richard, (Fr.), Box 5
Richie, Donald, Box 5
Rickett, W. Allyn, Box 5
Richter, Bado L. O., Box 5
Ridgeway, Anthony W., Box 5
Riley, Ann Louise, Box 5
Riley, Melville F., Box 5
Rios, J. B., Box 5
Robbins, Kenneth X., Box 5
Roberts, Thomas, Box 5
Robinson, Barbara, Box 5
Robinson, Bruce, Box 5
Robinson, Virginia Morgan, Box 5
Rodefer, David H., Box 5
Roe, Albert, Box 5
Ludo, Box 5
Nate & Priscilla, Box 5
Burton, Box 5
Rogers, Millard B., Box 5
Roland, Benjamin, Box 5
Rom to Rye
Romeu, Nancy Cotchett, Box 5
Romeu, Eulalia Morral, Box 5
Rondthaler, (Mrs.), Box 5
Rose, Michael, Box 5
Rose, (Mrs. Richard), Box 5
Rosenwald, Julius (Dooley), Box 5
Rosu, Arion, Box 5
Roth, Hans, Box 5
Rowland, Ernestine E., Box 5
Rowland, Lucy, Box 5
Royce, Bill, Box 5
Rudd, Bob, Box 5
Rudolph, Richard C. (Dick), Box 5
Rush, Cecil A., Box 5
Ryan, Jim, Box 5
Ryden, Stig, Box 5
Ryerson, Phoebe, Box 5
Sa to Sco
Sahakian, Georg, Box 6
Salomon, Max, Box 6
Sanders, Robert W., Box 6
Sarkisian, H. Medill (Sarki), Box 6
Saso, Michael, Box 6
Sayers, (Mrs. Charles M.), Box 6
Scharf, Max, Box 6
Schira, Cynthia, Box 6
Schafer, Edward H., Box 6
Schmitz, Barbara, Box 6
Schram, T. M. Y., Box 6
Schurmann, H. F., Box 6
Schuster, Carl, Box 6
Schwartz, Robert, Box 6
Scott, Alexander, Box 6
See to Slo
Seeligs, Herman S., Box 6
Sharrow, Bernard, Box 6
Shaughnessy, Robert L., Box 6
Shaw, Daniel, Box 6
Shaygan, Jan, Box 6
Sherrill, Sarah (Sally), Box 6
Shepard, Odell, Box 6
Sickman, Laurence, Box 6
Sieger, Marjorie K., Box 6
Sims, Eleanor, Box 6
Singam, Durai Raja, Box 6
Singto, Box 6
Sions, Harry, Box 6
Slomann, Vilhelm, Box 6
Smi to Sta
Smith, Fred, Box 6
Smith, Huston, Box 6
Smith, Kidder, Box 6
Soyer, Alex, Box 6
Sowenburg, Arthur, Box 6
Spencer, Mary Elizabeth, Box 6
Spencer, (Dr.), Box 6
Spencer, Johnathen, Box 6
Spiess, Lorraine, Box 6
Spire, Etienne, Box 6
Spoehr, Alexander, Box 6
Standen, Edith A., Box 6
Starr, Kenn, Box 6
Ste to Sz
Stearns, E. I., Box 6
Steele, F. R., Box 6
Stefani, Luciana, Box 6
Stellar, Elliot, Box 6
Stephens, A. H., Box 6
Stillman, Norman, Box 6
Stone, Morton, Box 6
Stout, David B., Box 6
Stratton, Ray, Box 6
Strong, Michael L., Box 6
Ken, Box 6
Stuart, George, Box 6
Subhani, S. M. K., Box 6
Sugar, Sydney D., Box 6
Sullivan, Michael, Box 6
Suppe(s), Raymond L., Box 6
Suzuki, Chusei, Box 6
Swann, Peter C., Box 6
Sweeney, Deborah Taylor, Box 6
Sylvan, Zivi, Box 6
Szczesniak, Boleslaw, Box 6
Tain, M., Box 6
Tate, Joan, Box 6
Thackray, Arnold, Box 6
Thompson, Jon, Box 6
Thomson, Barbara Yalden, Box 6
Tilton, Aaron L., Box 6
Timms, Peter, Box 6
Todd, Frances H., Box 6
Todd, Frederick P., Box 6
Topley, Marjorie, Box 6
Townsend, Gertrude, Box 6
Trench, Lucy, Box 6
Trousdale, William B., Box 6
Tucci, B, Box 6
Tungasvadi, Ratana, Box 6
Turner, Nelson, Box 6
Tuslog, G. Leisser, Box 6
U to V
Vallin, Josephine, Box 6
van Deusem, H. H., Box 6
van Gulik, R. H., Box 6
van Horn, Emily, Box 6
Vessa, Glenn, Box 6
Ventura, Anthony V., Box 6
von Erdberg, Eleanor, Box 6
(von) Gabain, A., Box 6
von Horvath, Box 6
von Rague, Beatrix, Box 6
von Saldern, Axel, Box 6
Voss, Sheila Carly, Box 6
Vreeland, Harold, Box 6
Wae to Wer
Waelder, Robert, Box 6
Wakankar, Siddharth Y., Box 6
Waley, A., Box 6
Walker, Stanley M., Box 6
Wallis, Wilson D., Box 6
Warner, Langdon, Box 6
Warren, William Lamson (Bill), Box 6
Watt, Katharine, Box 6
Watts, Alan W., Box 6
Wells, Forrest H., Box 6
Weigle, Richard D. (Dick), Box 6
Weisburd, Andrew A., Box 6
Wenkaert, (Dr.), Box 6
Wenley, A. G., Box 6
Wernicoff, N. E., Box 6
Wes to Wur
West China Union University, Box 6
Wherrett, W. Norman, Box 6
Whitehouse, David, Box 6
Whitman, Leanna, Box 6
Wiant, Bliss M., Box 6
Wilber, Donald, Box 6
Wirgin, Jan, Box 6
Withner, Carl L., Box 6
Wooldridge, Francis R., Box 6
Worth, Susannah, Box 6
Wright, Arthur, Box 6
Wright, F. W., Box 6
Wurman, Richard Saul, Box 6
Y to Z
Yablonsky, Gabrielle, Box 6
Yale - China Association, Box 6
Yang, Lien-sheng, Box 6
Yetts, W. Perceval, Box 6
Yonemura, Ann, Box 6
Young, Trish, Box 6
Yu, Wang Fang, Box 6
Zimmerman, Hazel D., Box 6
Zuber, (Ms.), Box 6
[Unidentified], Box 6


Scope and Contents note

Contains a few brief contributions to newsletters and student newspapers when he was a student and naval officer, unpublished fiction, and communications concerning his gifts to museums.

Container: Box 7

Early writings: student, naval officer, Box 7
Fiction: The Prince’s Ruby, Box 7
Fiction: The Mongol Bowl, Box 7
Gifts to museums [from Cammann], Box 7
Miscellaneous, Box 7


Scope and Contents note

Journal articles and book reviews. Arranged alphabetically by title of article.

Container: Box 7

Articles: A - B, Box 7
Articles: C, Box 7
Articles: D - K, Box 7
Articles: L - N, Box 7
Articles: O - R, Box 8
Articles: S - T, Box 8
Book Reviews (By date of published review), Box 8
St. Mary’s Church, Box 8


Scope and Contents note

Unpublished papers and book reviews, outlines, research notes, bibliographies, correspondence, and photos on several topics (art, textiles, rugs, magic, ivory, squares, symbolism, etc.). Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Included in this series are card files (4 x 6) created and maintained by Cammann that contain research notes, notes from published materials, and bibliography. The order within each box has been maintained as received, along with the titles of the boxes. Arranged topically.

Container: Box 8

Art: Chinese Porcelain Art,”Fitzhugh Pattern” [notes, correspondence], Box 8
Art: “The Four Great Kings of Heaven”, Box 8
Art: Notes on Old Chinese Painting, Box 8
Art: Old Chinese Architecture, Box 8
Art: Square Kufic Script [Arabic] [drafts, photos], Box 8
Beyond the Southern Clouds (Chs. 8 –14), Box 8
Beyond the Southern Clouds (Chs. 15 –19, postscript, appendix), Box 8
Chinese Snuff Bottles: Drafts, Notes, Lectures, Box 9
Chinese Snuff Bottles: “Miniature Art From Old China”, Box 9
Chinese Snuff Bottles: Monograph, Box 9
Games: “Games and Pastimes as Cosmic Contests”, Box 9
Games: “History of Mongolian Chess” [draft], Box 9
Games: Mongolian Chess [correspondence], Box 9
Games: Mongolian Chess [notes, photos], Box 9
Garments/Costumes: Annam [Indochina], Box 9
Garments/Costumes: “Chinese Costume in the Ming and Ch’ing Dynasties” [inc. negatives], Box 9
Garments/Costume: Chinese Insignia of Rank [3 chapters], Box 9
Garments/Costume: “Ching Armour” [handwritten draft], Box 9
Garments/Costume: “Cosmic Symbolism on the Dragon Robes”, Box 9
Garments/Costume: “The Development of Later Chinese Official Costume, 1180 – 1912”, Box 9
Garments/Costume: Dragon Robes (correspondence), Box 9
Garments/Costume: “Korean Badges of Rank”, Box 9
Garments/Costume: Mandarin Squares [correspondence], Box 9
Garments/Costume: Mandarin Squares [notes, photo], Box 10
Garments/Costume: “Ming and Ch’ing Badges of Rank” [ms and correspondence], Box 10
Garments/Costume: “The Origin and Evolution of Mandarin Squares”, Box 10
Garments/Costume: Response to Allen’s criticism of “Ch’ing Dynasty Mandarin Chains”, Box 10
Garments/Costume: “Some Unfamiliar Mandarin Squares”, Box 10
Garments/Costume: Mongol Costume, Box 10
Garments/Costume: Miscellaneous, Box 10
Lectures: Slide Lists, Box 10
Lectures: [various topics], Box 10
Lectures: [miscellaneous], Box 10
Magic Squares: Basic Lessons, Box 10
Magic Squares: Correspondence, Box 10
Magic Squares: [notes], Box 10
Magic Squares: [miscellaneous], Box 10
Materials: “Antique Chinese Ivories: Caveat Emptor”, Box 11
Materials: “Chinese Decorated Gourds”, Box 11
Materials: Hippo. Ivory, Box 11
Materials: Hornbill Ivory (correspondence), Box 11
Materials: “Ivory and Bone”, Box 11
Materials: “Ivory Carving: Techniques”, Box 11
Materials: Jade: Personal Collection [list, photos], Box 11
Materials: “Tortoiseshell”, Box 11
Materials: Walrus Ivory [correspondence, photos], Box 11
Mirrors: Chapter 1 Brief Introduction, Box 11
Mirrors: Five Poisons [correspondence, photos], Box 11
Mirrors: “Mirrors and Mandalas”, Box 11
Mirrors: “Review of Billings Book [correspondence], Box 11
Mirrors: “Some Non-Human ‘Han’ Mirrors” [correspondence], Box 11
Mirrors: [miscellaneous], Box 11
Rugs: “Bearn Rug” [notes], Box 11
Rugs: Behague Sangusko Carpet [notes], Box 11
Rugs: Correspondence, Box 11
Rugs: Figdor Silk Kilim [notes], Box 11
Rugs: “Japanese Textiles” [ms, notes], Box 11
Rugs: “Meaningful Rug Patterns” [published, English and German versions], Box 11
Rugs: Rug Book [notes, drafts] Symbols: Correspondence, Box 11
Rugs: “Rugmaking”, Parts 1 and 2, Box 12
Rugs: “Symbolism on the Carpets”, Box 12
Rugs: “The Symbols on the Chinese Rugs”, Box 12
Rugs: [unpublished book ms; no title], Box 12
Symbols: Correspondence, Box 12
Symbols: “Cosmological Symbolism and It’s Influence on Forms” [ms, correspondence], Box 12
Symbols: “Cosmology” [printer’s proofs], Box 12
Symbols: “A Note on the origin of the Hexagram: [ms, correspondence], Box 12
Symbols: “The Chinese Wealth Symbols”, Box 12
Symbols: “Old China’s Language of Symbols”, Box 12
Symbols: Sunbird, Chapters 1 to 3, Box 12
Symbols: [Schuster, Carl], Box 12
Symbols: Sunbird, Chapters 4 to 6, Box 12
Symbols: Sunbird, Chapters 7 to 10, Box 12
Symbols: “T’ao-T’ieh” [ms, correspondence, photos], Box 12
Symbols: “Traditional Ideas about the Universe and Their Symbols”, Box 12
Symbols: “Symbolism in Far Eastern Art”, Box 12
Symbols: “The Language of Symbols”, Box 12
Symbols: Yuan Shih Kai and the 12 Imperial Symbols [notes], Box 12
Textiles: Berber Script [notes, correspondence, photos], Box 13
Textiles: Dyes, Box 13
Textiles: “A Note on Literary Sources for the Origin of K’O-SSU”, Box 13
Textiles: Peruvian Textiles [correspondence, photos], Box 13
Tibet: “Acquiring Merit in Lama-Land [1st draft], Box 13
Tibet: Art [notes, photos], Box 13
Tibet: “British Relations with Tibet (1774-1904), Box 13
Tibet: History [biblio.], Language, Box 13
Tibet: “Images” [Buddhist sculpture], Box 13
Tibet: Mandalas [notes, drawings, photos], Box 13
Tibet: “A Memorial Concerning Sino-Nepalese Relations in 1846”, Box 13
Tibet: “Mongol Knives”, Box 13
Tibet: Mongol Tents, Box 13
Tibet: “The Paradise of Amitabha in Tibetan Art”, Box 13
Tibet: “Tea for Tibet”, Box 13
Tibet: “That Which Explains Nothing” [monster masks], Box 13
Tibet: Tibetan Banners [notes], Box 13
Tibet: “Tibetan Buddhism and It’s Institution in China”, Box 13
Tibet: “Tibetan Charm Boxes”, Box 13
Tibet: “Traditional and Contemporary Tibetan Rugs”, Box 13
Tibet: Miscellaneous, Box 14
Misc.: [Book reviews, unpublished], Box 14
Misc.: “Brief Outline of the Mahabharata” [India], Box 14
Misc.: “Hindu Gods in Buddhism” [ms, notes], Box 14
Misc.: “How to Publish in the Art Field”, “Popular Writing”, Box 14
Misc.: “How Valid is the ‘Beatnik’ Zen”, Box 14
Misc.: Notes (China, Tibet, India), Box 14
Misc.: “Oriental Museums in Europe”, Box 14
Misc.: “A Review of Possible Pre-Columbian Contacts with the New World”, Box 14
Misc.: "Thouvenin on "The English Ampulla", Box 14
Misc.: Turkish Culture [notebook], Box 14
Misc.: “Two Unusual Bells of Southwest China”, Box 14
Card Files: Central Asia + East – West Intercon., Box 15
Card Files: Southeast Asia, Box 16
Card Files: Tibet, Box 17
Card Files: Chinese + Japanese Art, Box 18
Card Files: Chinese History, Box 19
Card Files: Yunnan, Tibet[,] Japan, China, Misc., Box 20
Card Files: Japan + Korea[,] China trade[,] Games, Box 21
Card Files: Egypt, Greece, Europe[,] America + African ethnography, Box 22
Card Files: Chinese math + Magic Squares II, Box 24
Card Files: Magic Squares I[:] General + Near East, Box 23
Card Files: Magic Squares III[:] European, misc., Box 25
Card Files: Chinese snuff bottles[,] materials[,] dates, symbolism[,] Mandarin Squares, Box 26
Card Files: Chinese mirrors and cosmic symbols, Box 27
Card Files: Religions, Box 28
Card Files: Islamic symbols (sunbird, labyrinth), Box 29
Card Files: Islamic art, architecture{,} literature, Box 30
Card Files: Islamic rugs and symbols + armor, Box 31
Card Files: Buddha[,] Mandala[,] Tibet[,] etc. [unsorted loose cards], Box 32
Card Files: Animal substance[,] ivory[,] etc., Box 33
Card Files: Substances[:] plants + minerals, Box 34
Beyond the Southern Clouds (Chs. 8 –14)
Beyond the Southern Clouds (Yunnan and the Burma Road), (Chs. 1 –5, 7; Ch. 6 missing), Box 8
Chinese Snuff Bottles: Drafts, Notes, Lectures
Chinese Snuff Bottles: Correspondence, Box 9


Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, itineraries, notes and accounts from personal trips and as a tour guide (includes outlines presented to participants).

Container: Box 35

Yunnan Province, China 1936-1938, Box 35
Thailand 1951, Box 35
Travels/Tours: China 1979-1982, Box 35
Turkey 1983, Box 35
Morocco 1984, Box 35
Peru 1985, Box 35
China, Japan 1986, Box 35
Europe 1987, Box 35
Asia (Renaissance Cruises) 1990, Box 35
China and Japan (Renaissance Cruises) 1991, Box 35
Cruise Lectures (China), Box 35
Renaissance Cruises (correspondence), Box 35

University of Pennsylvania Records (inclusive: 1948-1982)

Scope and Contents note

Materials related to his employment as both a professor (1948 – 1982) and Museum curator (1948 –1955), participation in the TV show “What in the World”, and comments on proposed sales of museum collections in 1970 and 1976.

Container: Box 35

Employment [Academic], Box 35
Cosmic History Seminar, Box 35
Teaching: China [course outlines, notes], Box 35
Teaching: Islamic Culture [course outlines, notes], Box 35
Teaching: Various courses [course outlines, notes], Box 36
Teaching: Student Issues, Box 36
Museum: Employment 1948-55, 1978-79, Box 36
Museum: Labels, Miscellaneous, Box 36
Museum: Sale of Collections (1970, 1976), Box 36
Museum: What in the World, Box 36


Scope and Contents note

The vast majority of photos are of numerous sites either visited by Cammann on his personal travels, as tour director, or work for the University Museum. In addition there are photos related to his scholarship and research activities.

Container: Box 36, 37

Magic Squares, Box 36
Mandarin Squares (re: “Mandarin Squares” publication), Box 36
Mongolian chess pieces, Box 36
Burma Road series, Box 36
C. Schuster: Indo-China, 1938, Box 36
Bhutan, Box 36
Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1951, Box 36
China: Jehol (Chengde), Box 36
China: Likiang, Box 36
China: Yunnanfu, Box 36
Inner Mongolia, Box 36
Thailand: Architecture, 1951 [1 of 5], Box 37
Thailand: Architecture, 1951 [2 of 5], Box 37
Thailand: Architecture, 1951 [3 of 5], Box 37
Thailand: Architecture, 1951 [4 of 5], Box 37
Thailand: Architecture, 1951 [5 of 5], Box 37
Thailand: river scenes, Box 37
Thailand: outdoor sanctuary, Box 37
Thailand: art, Box 37
Thailand: outdoor miscellaneous [1 of 2], Box 37
Thailand: outdoor miscellaneous [2 of 2], Box 37
Tibet, Box 37
Yemen, re: “The Cult of the Gamiya…” publication, Box 37
Photographs: China, Box 37
India, Box 37
Indo-China, Box 37
Japan, Box 37
Mongolia, Box 37
Unidentified, Box 37
Photographs: Miscellaneous, Box 37