Rim Sherd


Object Number:MS4615.2
Current Location: Collections Storage
Provenience: Greece
Locus: North Trench
Period: Early Minoan III
Technique:White-on-Dark Ware
Height: 4.9 cm
Length: 6.2 cm
Width: 0.9 cm
Credit Line:Gift of the Candia Museum (Herakleion Archaeological Museum); H. B. Hawes, 1904


Rim sherd from a bridge-spouted jar. Medium textured, light brown (7.5 YR 6/4) clay covered with black paint with decoration in added white paint. Burnished inside rim. Dark paint on rim and exterior. Added white: circle with crosshatched sections and multiple connecting lines, with short lines on the connecting lines. East Cretan White-on-dark Ware. For the restored shape see Hall 1904-1905: 196, fig. 3 (Gournia). For circles with crosshatched sections and multiple connecting lines see Hall 1904-05: pl. 29, nos. 1-2, 4, 6, and 8 (Gournia); Chapouthier and Demargne wiht Dessene 1962: pls. 5 and 36, no. 9142 (Mallia). For general discussion of the motif see Betancourt 1984 c: 32, no. 10, and 28, fig. 3-7. For the North Trench see Hall 1904-05; Zois 1968 b; Andreou 1978: 57-59; Betancourt 1984 c: 9-11.


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