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"What in the World?" #4 (1955 circa)

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Film Id:F16-4003
Film Description:"What in the World" 4

1. Sepik river crocodile, the ghost cult. It was part of a men's house, a ghost host.
2. Two headed hippopotomus, limestone, 1st century bc- 1 century ad. Egyptian. [Brooklyn Museum].
3. Baoulé [Baule] mask, Ivory Coast, west Africa. 19th century.
4. Chipped flint spear point, Sweden/Scandinavia, Neolithic period, 10,000-5,000 bc.
5. Crocodile head (?) made of volcanic stone, Costa Rica 12-15 centuries ad. [PMA collections]
6. Pottery effigy jar, human with a hunched back. Cocle, Panama, dated 14th -15th century ad.

Features guests: Carlton Coon, (artist) Jacques Lipchitz and (actor/art collector) Vincent Price.

Video Category:Produced Film
Topics:Game shows, Archaeology, Artifacts, Artifact identification, Rainey, Froelich, Lipschitz, Jacques, Price, Vincent, Penn Museum, University Museum
Tags: Archaeology | Artifact identification | Artifacts | Game shows | Lipschitz, Jacques | Penn Museum | Price, Vincent | Rainey, Froelich | University Museum
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