Ethiopia 1969 Reel 34 of 65


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Film Id:F16-0377
Film Description:Reel 34 of 65
Unedited travelogue
Addis Ababa


Cat. Reel 377 1969: Reel 34: Ethiopia. April 30. Addis Ababa.

Assembled pieces at jeweler’s.
Assembling metal piece using hand tool.
Intricate weaving on horizontal loom with loose colored threads.(some out of focus).
Lost wax process: making a silver cross, cutting cross pattern into flat wax with a pointed knife.
Warming wax piece while working it.
Cutting out the empty part of cross design.
Breaking off excess wax.
Pounding down uneven parts and burr.
Smoothing surface with hot knife, further trimming.
Quadrasecting a cross-stencil wax square.
Smoothing edges of small wax square.
Cutting and melting design into square with hot knife: using
a hot iron to weld small squares onto main wax assembly.
Retouching welds with hot knife.
Forming stick of wax to attach to completed wax assembly.
Attaching small pieces and handle to main assembly.
Ringing assembly with wax coil.
Finished wax cross.
Ingredients of clay for lost wax molds: clay, fine clay, charcoal, bits of burlap for binder.
Pounding clay mix on anvil.
Covering wax cross with clay and working clay into enclosed wax cross, by hand.
Forming opening for molten silver or alloy.
Forming clay crucible used to melt silver.
Wax-clay assembly in the fire.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Lost wax casting, Weaving, Ceramics, Addis Ababa
Tags: Addis Ababa | Ceramics | Lost wax casting | Weaving
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