Tunisia 1967 Reel 33 of 52


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Film Description:Reel 33 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Bardo (Museum)


Reel 33 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Bardo (Museum)

Cat. Reel 324 1967: Reel 33: Tunisia. Bardo Museum. Carthage.

Rope-making: hand-cranked wooden machine.
Making pottery by hand using curved tool (Nabeul).
Serrated lip of pot.
Hand-punching holes in pot: probably for cous-cous.
Clay pits (pan shot).
At Bardo museum:
Model of theatre at Dougga: seats (mcu, cu, xcu).
Model of a capital at Dougga, sundial (probably third century) .
Marble statue with carved front (outside Bardo) (cu).
Tile at mosque door.
Statue of Apollo.
Statue of Isis.
Statue of Hadrian: head (cu).
Material from Mahdia.
Two large "vases" with handles (cu).
Grecian capital: pitted by salt water.
Long, corroded, carved marble columns.
Greek capital: carved face of man.
Lead anchor.
Statue of Jupiter: curly whiskers.
Jupiter Serapis: statue.
Mosaics: fish, cow, ox, building (cu).
Mosaics: Neptune on chariot, nyads on sea horse (cu), sea horses, man's face, Neptune
Mosaics: Narcissus on horse, Venus at mirror (cu).
Mosaic: children with spears (cu, some black frames).
Large mosaic: fishing scenes: men in boats with lines, nets (cu).
Mosaic: woman with four children.
Six mosaic animals (cu). -
Mosaic of a woman (Carthage).
New excavation: market place, Hadrian's palace in the distance.
Stone manger.
Stone drain, cistern.
Clay pipes (?) in series (cu).
Hadrian's palace, Roman city road.
Hadrian's garden: paved court.
White statue in garden: male figure.
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Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Bardo Museum, Carthage, Roman antiquities, Ceramics, Pottery
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