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CultureFest! brings cultural festivities from across the globe into your home with a full month of virtual tours, discussions, crafts, and more for youth and adults. Join local guides and Museum experts as we illuminate diverse traditions and celebrate our shared humanity.

CultureFest! Celebration of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

This April, celebrate the diverse cultures, traditions, and important contributions of Indigenous peoples across the Americas. From the Tlingit to the Lenape, the Maya to the Quechua, we’re highlighting distinct tribes and cultural groups all month long with fun and educational events.

Learn directly from Native peoples as they speak about the cultural threats they continue to face, as well as their visions for a brighter, more just future. Delve into engaging dialogues on the complex challenges of language preservation, land rights, appropriation, and more. And gather the whole family for crafts and activities exploring Indigenous games, symbolism, and art forms.

Choose from many exciting ways to join our Celebration of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. Take a virtual tour of Native American artifacts in the Museum’s collection, learn how to play an Indigenous sport, meet a skilled Tlingit artist and language expert, and more. There’s an activity for every age!

This celebration is one of five in our CultureFest! series.

Explore on Your Own Time

Digital Daily Digs

Explore our remarkable collections and their powerful stories in our 3-minute Daily Digs. Now in English, Spanish, and Quechua!

Altar Leg from Piedras Negras English
Chancay Weaver English
Clothes of the Andes English
Inka Architecture English
Inka Khipu English
Eagle Pendant English
Earspools English
Ehacatl English Spanish
Feasting in Ancient America English
Huichol Yarn Painting English
Indigenous Origins of Lacrosse English
Maya Ballgame Trophy Belt English
Mesoamerican Metate English Spanish
Mississippian Cosmos English
Pomo Baskets English
Siep Earthworks English
Steatite Bear Pipe English
Stela 14 English
Stone Pestle English
Whaling Harpoon English
Voladores: Mexicans Who Fly English Spanish

Arts & Crafts

Enjoy crafts and activities inspired by Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Keep it simple with printable coloring sheets or get crafty with DIY projects that are perfect for all ages!

Make your own handmade coil pots following this step-by-step Coil Pottery Tutorial.

Draw colorful basket patterns using our guide to Designing Pomo Baskets.

Learn how to make (and play with!) your own Birch Bark Triangle & Ball Game.

Share your family’s completed projects by tagging @PennMuseum on our Facebook or Instagram. And find even more activity ideas, recipes, and crafts on our Pinterest.

2020-2021 CultureFest! Series

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Día de los Muertos
January 2021
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April 2021
Indigenous Peoples of
the Americas Celebration


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